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Elitech VT-10 Vaccine Thermometer Medical Fridge Pharmacy Thermometer High Precision Thermometer Hygrometer

Elitech VT-10 vaccine thermometer with external/internal dual temperature measurement function, LCD screen, also the minimum/maximum memory, high/low alarm setting, etc. The external sensor line is 3 meters long and has a closed buffer to ensure that the temperature measurement is not affected by rapid or frequent fluctuation. Mainly used for medical refrigerators, food freezers and other equipment.



External/internal dual temperature measurement function

High/low alarm setting

Switchable internal/external temperature display

Maximum/minimum memory

LCD display with backlight

Switchable ℉/℃ scale function

Low battery indication function

With folding bracket and magnetic function



Internal temperature range: -20℃ ~ 50℃ (-4℉ ~ 122℉)

External temperature range: -50℃ ~ 70℃ (-58℉ ~ 158℉)



±0.5℃ (-20℃ ~ 40℃)/±1℉(-4℉ ~ 104℉)

±1℃ (-50℃ ~ -20℃, 40℃ ~ 70℃)

±2℉(-58℉ ~ -4℉, 104℉ ~ 158℉)


Sampling period: 10s

Display resolution: 0.1℃/0.1℉

Display size: 49mm * 22mm

Body size: 90mm * 50mm* 18mm

External sensor specifications: 41mm L x 20mm DIA

Sensor buffer: Propylene Glycol(food grade)

External sensor size: 3m * 1.9mm

Battery: CR2450

Battery life: 3000h (without backlight use)



MAX/MIN button: Short press this key to display the temperature maximum/minimum. The “MAX” / “MIN” mark flashing, and 85 no key operation    will exit. When the temperature maximum/minimum value is displayed, other keys are invalid.

Long press this key to clear the maximum/minimum value.

IN / OUT button: Short press this button to switch the display of internal/external temperature.

ALARM button: Short press the button to activate / deactivate the alarm function. Long press the key to enter the temperature alarm upper/lower   limit setting; In the “HI” / “LOW” flag flashes mode, short press the “C / F” button, the alarm upper limit is incremented by “1” Until the “C/F”   button is released; The set value to change from -50 to 70 cycles.

Backlit button: Press the button, the backlight lit; Release this key, backlight off.

C / F button: In normal temperature measurement state, short press this button for ℃ / ℉ temperature unit switch.

In the temperature alarm upper/lower limit setting state, short press / long press this button to set the alarm value.

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Elitech VT-10 Vaccine Thermometer Medical Fridge Pharmacy Thermometer High Precision Thermometer Hygrometer

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