Elitech DMG-1 Digital Pressure Gauge HVAC Refrigerantinon Manifold Gauge

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This product is mainly used for air exhaust and compression in refrigeration and maintenance operation, refrigerant charging of air-conditioning systems. It can display pressure in real time.

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High-quality dual-table valve with imported pressure sensor

High precision, excellent workmanship, stable performance

Large screen, display data clearly

High grade refrigerant pipes, reducing leaks

Battery-powered, low power consumption, long lifetime

Rubber jacket, beautiful and durable

Battery Indicator displays "LOB" at low battery


Double core valve * 2, Corkscrew * 1, Dual purpose valve wrench * 1, R410A adapter * 1, Blow molding package, Manual * 1

1.5m fluorine hose * 3 (Min pressure: 800psi; max pressure: 4000psi),

High and low pressure test connector * 2 (Low side: blue; high side: red),

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Pressure Measuring Range

-0.100~5.000 MPa

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


pressure Resolution


temperature Resolution


pressure Accuracy

±0.5%FS (22℃~28℃)

temperature Accuracy


Battery Life

Six months

Power supply

3V CR2450 button cell

Sampling Period



37mm x 17mm LCD/gren backlight

Measurement Units

MPa, kPa, bar, psi, kgf/cm2, mmHg

Out-of-Range Alarm pressure


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