Elitech RC-5+ Temperature Data Logger, PDF USB Temperature Data Recorder, 32000 Points, with Calibration Certified
Please note that the calibration of Third-Party Lab ISO/IEC 17025:2017 may take about 5-7 working days also the default calibration temperature points are -10°C; 0°C; 40°C and if you need more calibration points, please write to let us know. Elitech RC-5+ USB...
from £19.99
Elitech STC-1000Pro Temperature Controller Thermostat Automatic Switch Cooling and Heating, Prewired - Just Plug and Play, Wall-mounted
Elitech STC-1000Pro temperature controller thermostat can automatically change over between cooling and heating. It features pre-wired cooling and heating output sockets that can achieve “just plug and play “. Compared to the traditional thermostat that requires wiring, it is more...
£49.99 £34.99
Elitech Tlog 100 Series Ultra-Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger for medicine during storage and transportation
Elitech Tlog 100 series temperature and humidity data logger (Multi use USB ultra-low temperature recorder) is mainly used to monitor the temperature and humidity of medicine during storage and transportation. It visualizes every segment in the supply chain of drugs. ...
from £24.99
Elitech IR-200 Refrigerant Leak Detector 2-in-1 Infrared & Heated Diode Dual Sensor High Sensitivity Halogen Leakage Tester 10 Years' Sensor Life
IR-200 2-in-1 leak detector is the world's 1st dual-sensor refrigerant leak detector. It combines infrared and heated diode sensors which can easily switch between two modes.  Everything you need for professional leakage detection: Elitech IR-200 includes leak detector, case, UV...
£269.99 £219.99
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