Elitech ECS-100 Digital Temperature Controller Refrigerant Cool System

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Elitech ECS-100 temperature controller is with the optional components of an evaporator temperature sensor, condenser sensor, door switch, and buzzer.It is  widely used in high-end air-cooled beverage cabinets, display cases, kitchen cabinets, etc.

1. It has multiple control modes of defrosting and fan for effective energy-saving control.

2. Large panel of color digital tube, work status symbol display, the temperature display resolution is 0.1, the front panel waterproof level IP64.

3. User menu and administrator menu separately setting with a password, to prevent user errors.

4. Refrigeration adopts hysteresis control, with the refrigeration relay outputs 30 A, which could directly drive a single-phase 1.5HP compressor.

5. It can switch between refrigeration mode and non- refrigeration mode by pressing the key;

6. With multiple protection and alarm modes optional.

7. Specially it has the function of one-key recovery, very convenient for the production and after-sale service of equipment manufacturers.

8. The rear adopts the plug-in connection method instead of the traditional screw-type connection, which could effectively simplify processing for equipment manufacturers.

Main Function:

Refrigeration Defrost fan 3NTC, Temperature Calibration, door-trip.

Measuring range





-40℃~50℃, ±1℃; 50℃~70℃, ±2℃; others, ±3℃

Controlling range




Power consumption


Refrigeration Output

30A/240V/AC, normal open, directly drive a single-phase 1.5HP(240V/AC)load

Defrost Output


Fan Output


Front panel waterproof level


Work ambient temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

20%~85%RH (non condensing)

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