Elitech ECS-11 Digital Temperature Controller Refrigerant Cooling System with Defrost Mode

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ECS-11 digital temperature controller is widely used in beverage cabinets, display cases, kitchen, and cabinets, etc. 


Controlling range -50℃~90℃/ -58℉~194℉
Resolution 0.1℃/1℉
Accuracy -40℃~50℃, ±1℃; 51℃~70℃, ±2℃; others, ±3℃
Power supply 220±10 %( V/AC), 50/60Hz
Power consumption <3W
Refrigeration Output 30A/240V AC; Normally open, directly drive a single-phase 1.5HP(220V AC) loading;
Input terminal Cabinet temperature sensor, evaporator sensor(optional)
Front panel protection level IP65
Ambient temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -25℃~75℃
Storage humidity 20%~85% (non condensing)



  • A universal temperature controller and Celsius and Fahrenheit could be switched by menu.
  • Max. two-channel temperature sensors could be selected which could be used for cabinet temperature adjustment and defrost control.
  • Compress-defrost/light relay could be selected in two speficication: 30A-10A or 17A-10A.
  • The temperature displayed in LED could be configured as cabinet temperature of evaporator temperature.
  • Big light inlet window, LED display, 50% increase of display area, more fashionable, intuitive, and easily readable;
  • The front panel adopts color design, more artistic;
  • With the function of one key recovery, multiple parameter menus optional;
  • Adopt a 30A big relay and could directly drive a 1.5HP single-phase compressor, reducing the material cost for customers.

ECS-11 Temperature Controller Thermostat User Manual
ECS-11 Temperature Controller Thermostat CE Certification

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