Elitech LS-200 Electric Control Box with Remote Control Panel for Cooling and Defrost and Fan, Smart Phone Monitoring, Bluetooth 4.0, 220V, Comperssor Output 3HP

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Elitech LS-200 split control box mainly used in the refrigeration and cold storage industries, medium and low temperature and fast small freezers, and provide users with refrigeration, defrosting, fan control output, and phase sequence, phase loss, and overload protection functions.


  • Convenient & Cost-saving  The electric box can be remote-controlled by the hand-operated board. Cost-saving on the power line installation.
  • Safe & Reliable  Separation of strong and weak electricity, to avoid spontaneous combustion of cold storage caused by wire aging.
  • Easy to monitoring  3*2m sensors are installed in the control box for more accurate temperature monitoring. The control panel features a large TFT LCD and touches keys, clear and intuitive.
  • Bluetooth Connection  One-step set up by APP on your smartphone, no manual or instruction needed. Bluetooth 4.0 provides a 10m controlling range between the smartphone and the control panel.
  • Multiple Version available  4G, WiFi version is also available. please email us for more information.


  • Power supply: three-phase five-wire (or three-phase four-wire) ,100-256VAC±10%, 50HZ
  • Measuring temperature range: -49℃~119℃
  • Temperature control range: -40℃~119℃
  • Working environment temperature: 0.1/1℃ or ℉
  • Temperature resolution: -10℃~60℃
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: 20℃ to 50℃±1℃/±2℉, others ±1.5℃/±3℉
  • Current measurement range: 2~80A
  • Current display resolution: 0.1A
  • Compressor delay protection time: 0-10 minutes
  • Compressor output supports: 110V(1.5HP), 220V(3HP).
  • Sensor type: NTC (10KΩ/25℃, B value 3435K)
  • 3* 2M temperature sensors.
  • Communication mode: Panel- Smartphone: Bluetooth 4.0; Range: 10m
  • Panel- Electric box: Ethernet wire/RS485 ; Range: Up to 200m.

Elitech LS-200 Electric Control Box CE Certification

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