Elitech Glog-2 Singe Use Temperature Data Logger Disposable IoT Temperature Recorder

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Elitech Glog-2 is a single-use data logger for recording temperature, position and illuminance in real-time. After a quick start by pulling out the insulator strip, the logger can efficiently monitor logistics efficacy and quality. It can wirelessly transmit the recorded data to Elitech Cloud, which allows users to view data, tracks, and position, alarm information, etc. at any time. The logger features a built-in high-precision temperature sensor to collect temperature data. Powered by a 103450 wide-temperature lithium battery, it applies to various working environments. Its waterproof grade is IP65.

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Free configuration start, easy to use.

Support 2G/4G communication, automatically upload temperature data.

When the temperature exceeds the limit, the device can send emails and short-term alarms automatically.

The user can view and download reports in Excel or PDF formats at any time from Elitech Cloud, and be informed of the temperature and location information of the product in time.

Equipped with a light sensor for monitoring the opening of the door.

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Memory 10000points
Temperature Range -23℃ to 70℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃(-20℃ to 40℃),other:±1℃
Illumination 0 lx to 10000 lx
Illumination Accuracy ±10%
Start Delay 30 minutes (customizable)
Logging Interval 5 minutes (customizable)
Upload Interval 60 minutes (customizable)
Battery Life 1 year stored at room temperature
Protection Grade IP65
Battery Life Up to 40 days +/- 3 days of operation based on 60 minute logging interval and temperature conditions
Cellular 850/900/1800/1900 GPRS
Size 80 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm

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