Elitech TI-30 LCD Temperature Indicator Single Use IP67 Waterproof Cold Chain Transportation

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Product Description:
The temperature indicator is mainly used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood, food, flowers and plants, laboratories, etc. especially for the places that require using temperature indicator of high waterproof grade in cold chain storage and transportation.

Temperature measuring range: -30℃ ~ 70℃
Storage range: -25℃ ~ 60℃
Temperature accuracy: -20℃~+ 40℃±0.5℃, other±1℃
Sensor: Internal NTC
Log interval: 5 minutes(default)
Start delay: 1min~12h, configurable before delivery (stepping unit: 1 min)
LCD display: 7 icons
Power supply: internal CR2450 lithium battery
Battery life: 2 yr at 25℃ with log interval set at 5 min
Protection grade: IP67
Dimensions: 77mm*46mm*12mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 40g
Start: press the button for over 5 seconds
Stop: press the button for over 5 seconds
Note: Keep the indicator in ambient temperature before it is started.
To ensure its protection grade, please do not immerse the indicator in corrosive liquid, such as ethyl alcohol, oleic acid, etc.

Parameter configuration:
1) Before delivery, the indicator's parameters are configured. Just press START button to start it for use.
2) Default configuration:
Start delay : 10min
Log interval : 5min
Temp H2 (high) : 45℃
Alarm type : sin (single)
Alarm delay : 60min
Temp L1 (low): -0.5℃
Alarm type: sin (single)
Alarm delay: 60min

Temp H1 (high): 30℃
Alarm type: cum (cumulative)
Alarm delay: 600min
Temp L2 (low): -5℃
Alarm type: sin (single)
Alarm delay: 60min

Operation instruction:
1. Press and hold START button about 5 seconds until a dot ● appears on left top of the screen normally, the indicator is started.
2. If it defaults start delay, press and release either button, the dot will flash continuously for 30 seconds and then the LCD turns off.
3. If the indicator is started in start delay status, it cannot be turned off by pressing STOP button. After the start delay elapses, press and hold STOP about 5 seconds until the dot disappear from the screen, indicating the indicator is stopped. It cannot be started again by pressing START button.
4. Press and release either button to view the records.It is recommended to store at room temperature before the temperature label is not activated. In order to ensure the waterproof level of the indicator, please do not steep the indicator in alcohol or oleic acid and other corrosive liquids for long time.
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