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-33% Elitech PG-30Pro Blue Digital Pressure Gauge Refriegrant Manifold Gauge With Backlight

Elitech PG-30Pro is a digital pressure gauge that measures system pressure in real time. It features a big artistic screen and batteries with 1 year service life. This refrigerant manifold gauge has backlight, auto off, low battery indication, overpressure alarm and other functions. It is designed for use in piping system, refrigerated system and other applications.



Stable and reliabletemperature-compensated pressure sensor with temperature drift not exceeding 0.04%FS

LCD screen blue backlight displays detection items in sections, and subverts the traditional mechanical gauge display with visual display of various parameters

Refrigerant type selection function: built-in 87 common refrigerant PT comparison table for your convenience

Zero Function:Support for zero correction when deviation occurs at zero

Two overload warning indications: The screen displays ALARM or if the overload is too high, the ALARM & backlight will flash simultaneously.



1. Measure system pressure in real time

2. Zero offset correction

3. Big LCD screen(50x26mm) with backlight and visual display of various technical data in sections

4. Independent parameter setting pages simplify the operation

5. PT table displays pressure and corresponding saturated evaporation temperature.

6. Undervoltage indication

7. Auto off can be set. it is enabled by default. Auto off time is selectable.

8. Max/Min value is memorized after the gauge is on the value can be cleared manually.



1. Pressure range: Red gauge: -0 1 5.515MPa(0 800psi)

                              Blue gauge: -01-3.448MPa(0-500psi)

2. Resolution: 0.001MPa, 0. 1psi

3. Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

4. Sampling period:1s

5. Temperature unit:℃/F

6. Backlight time: The backlight will be off after 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s or 15s as set in case of no operation.

7. LCD screen with blue backlight, 50 x 26 mm

8. Measurement units: MPa, bar, psi, KPa, kg/cm 2, cmHg

9. Auto off: If this function enabled the gauge will be off automatically after 10 (or 20, 30, 40 )minutes per your settings. You may also disable this function by setting it as OFF, i. e the gauge will be on all the time.

10. Parameter settings: Auto off, pressure/temperature unit, backlight time

11. PT table lists the pressure and temperature of 87 types of common refrigerants

12. Battery: 3 AAA batteries

13. Battery life: Approx. 1 year

14. Low battery indication at low battery level

15. Operating environment: Temperature:-10℃~60℃; Humidity 35% - 85%RH

16. Overpressure alarm: ALARM shows on top right of the screen if the blue gauge pressure goes above 500psi and the red gauge above 800psi; ALARM shows with backlight flashing if the blue gauge pressure goes above 625psi and the red gauge above 1000psi.

17. Package: Blister pack

18. Fitting: 1/8NPT

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Elitech PG-30Pro Blue Digital Pressure Gauge Refriegrant Manifold Gauge With Backlight

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