Elitech EK-3010L Two-way Output Digital Temperature Controller Heating or Cooling Mode With Lighting Output, Temperature Probe Sensor Input, Touch-key

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Elitech EK-3010L is a customed type of Elitech EK-3010. Based on EK-3010, It adds lighting output control and changes the temperature relay's current from 10A to 16A, which directly drives a single-phase compressor 1HP.

EK-3010L is a temperature controller with touch screen buttons. It is suitable for temperature control of refrigeration or heating equipment. Due to its touch buttons, Elitech equipped the EK series with a key lock function to avoid accidental touches that may cause the parameters to change. The touch button adopts high-precision digital capacitance measurement technology, which can avoid various interferences such as water droplets; compared with mechanical buttons, there is no mechanical action, long life, and stable performance.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor.
Two-way control output: cooling/ heating output (16A), lighting output(10A)


Model EK-3010L
Operating Voltage 220VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Overall Power Consumption <5W
Temperature Measurement Range -40℃-99℃
Temperature Control Range -40℃-85℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃(-30℃~50℃ ), ±2℃(Others)
Display Resolution 0.1℃
Work Humidity 10%~90% (no condensing)
Product Size 78.5×34.5×82(mm)
Mounting Dimension 71×29 (mm)
Rated Current of Output Relay (Heating/Cooling) 16A/220VAC
Rated Current of Output Relay (Lighting) 10A/220VAC
Sensor Type NTC (10KQ/25℃, B value 3435K)



Model Control Output Signal Input Other
Cooling/Heating (16A) Lighting (10A) Temperature Sensor Buzzer Over-temperature Alarm

With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, light control, temperature calibration, over-temperature alarm, and sensor fault alarm function. One-touch restoration of original setting values for easy re-adjustment of parameters. Elitech EK-3010 temperature controller is suitable for temperature control of cold storage, freezer, operating console refrigeration equipment, and heating equipment.


  • Elitech EK-3010L Temperature Controller *1
  • EK Series Temperature Probe Sensor *1
  • User Manual *1

Elitech EK-3010L Temperature and Lighting Controller User Manual

EK Series Touch Key Temperature Controller Comparison Chart

Model Control Output Sensor Communication Function
Cooling Heating Defrost Fan Light Defrost Sensor
E-1000 10A 10A / / 10A / /
EK-3010 Cooling / Heating (10A) / / / / /
EK-3010L Cooling / Heating (16A) / / 10A / /
EK-3020 10A / 10A / / / /
EK-3021 10A / 10A / / /
EK-3030 10A / 10A 10A / /
EK-3030E 10A / 10A 10A / 485 interface

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