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Elitech LMC-210L Wireless A/C Refrigerant Heat Pump Scale 220 Lbs Free App

par ElitechEU
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【Remote Control through Free App】Requires compatible mobile device and free ios or android app to display readings, used in lieu of smartphone. The scale automatically goes into standby when the App is shut down, please connect again.
【Ideal for HVAC and refrigeration service】Solid aluminum platform with rubber corners means your scale is rugged enough for the field.
【Professionally designed to meet your requirements】Three display modes: kgs, lbs, and oz. Digital Charging Scale Capacity to 220 pounds (100 kilograms).
【It delivers dependability to get the job done】High accuracy and resolution, can be used with all refrigerants.
【Portable with Carrying Bag】The scale can be protected from scratching with the multifunctional bag, which is available for both crossbody and carryon.

Max capacity: 100kg (220Lb)
Accuracy: ±0.05% rdg+10g
Power supply: 5 AA alkaline batteries
Duration: 40 hours
Operating temperature:-10℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -15℃~50℃
Temperature fluctuation range:5℃/h
Relative humidity: 50~85%
Product size: 271*271*74 mm

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