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Elitech STC-8000HX temperature controller thermostat is identical in function and application to the STC-8000H, both having only one input: the temperature probe sensor and one output: the cooling output. With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature correction, sensor fault alarm, temperature overrun alarm, adjustable compressor delay functions. Temperature exceeds limit alarm after power on, with adjustable delay time.

The only difference between STC-8000HX and STC-8000H is the appearance. STC-8000HX has a larger display and a more unique design. Elitech names "X" series temperature controllers as “Transformer” series. If you are interested, you can read this article “Why do Elitech produce the "X" Transformer series temperature controller thermostat when the function is basically unchanged”.

Elitech STC-8000HX temperature controller is suitable for cold storage, freezer, chiller, commercial refrigerators refrigerated trucks and other refrigeration equipment.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor.
One-way control output: refrigeration equipment.

Elitech STC-8000HX Function

Model Control Output Signal Input Other
Refrigeration (10A) Temperature Sensor Buzzer Over-temperature Alarm



Model STC-8000HX
Operating Voltage 220VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Overall Power Consumption <3W
Temperature Measurement Range -50℃~99℃
Temperature Control Range -40℃~50℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃(-40℃~70℃), Others ±2℃
Display Resolution 1℃
Product Size 80.5×34.9×65.8(mm)
Mounting Dimension 71×29 (mm)
Rated Current of Output Relay 10A/220VAC



  • Pass EMC test, industrial level four test, stable and reliable
  • Classic design and stable function
  • Upper and lower temperature limits to avoid misuse
  • Temperature over-limit alarm, adjustable deviation value
  • Sensor failure, proportional on/off


  • Cold storage
  • Freezer
  • Chiller
  • Commercial refrigerator

Elitech One-Way Output Temperature Controller Comparison

Function Model Rated Current of Output Relay Input Others
Temperature Sensor Defrost Sensor Bigger Display Screen
Refrigeration STC-8000H 10A / /
STC-8000HX 10A /
Refrigeration/Heating EK-3010 10A /
ECS-02CX 10A
ECS-961neo 17A /
ECS-16 30A / /
Refrigeration/Heating/Alarm STC-200 10A / /

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