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For P600. Just what I needed
Used to test my wood stove and my domestic environment in the light of current scare stories in the press.. As far as I can tell it's accurate and it's certainly an eye opener to see how high the PM2.5 levels are when frying for instance - much higher than from the wood stove!

Andrew Lea

For GSP-6. secondary glazing trial
the unit is compact and easy to use, i down load the data each week, easy to combine graphs after saving to excel. very helpful staff, needed due to my worry about down loading from a new source.
all good.

d webb

For RC-4HC. Checking central heating
Bought one to monitor a radiator to determine the duty cycle of the central heating. Worked really well, so bought a second to use outdoors and allow me to correlate the heating with the weather conditions. Excellent gadgets.

Mike McCann