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For P600. Just what I needed
Used to test my wood stove and my domestic environment in the light of current scare stories in the press.. As far as I can tell it's accurate and it's certainly an eye opener to see how high the PM2.5 levels are when frying for instance - much higher than from the wood stove!

Andrew Lea

For GSP-6. secondary glazing trial
the unit is compact and easy to use, i down load the data each week, easy to combine graphs after saving to excel. very helpful staff, needed due to my worry about down loading from a new source.
all good.

d webb

For RC-4HC. Checking central heating
Bought one to monitor a radiator to determine the duty cycle of the central heating. Worked really well, so bought a second to use outdoors and allow me to correlate the heating with the weather conditions. Excellent gadgets.

Mike McCann

For LKC-1000S+. Great bit of equipment. Works well great bit of equipment to have I work in a wood production facility and have used this to see how safe it is due to alot of dust been about the area this piece of equipment has put my mind to rest after monitoring different areas the readings a clear and the running/time option is great the battery lasts really well and it's easy to use and read worth getting I would recommend


For STC-1000WIFI TH. Great device
I’m using this as a humidity and temperature controller on my motor cruiser while it is ashore over winter. I’ve been very impressed by its performance and graphical / data recording abilities. Saving energy too, by controlling humidifier and heater in series.

Mike Palmer

EMG-20V intelligent manifold
I have used these gauges a few times now, I was particularly interested in the data logging function these gauges have. They connected to the app via Bluetooth easily. The internal transducers seem to be good quality. I have a set of the newer testo 550s and the gauges will show a positive or negative pressure even when nothing connected which questions the reliability of the reading. These are well worth the money.

mark butler

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