HVAC 4-Tools Combo Kit Big Deal for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Kit 1: LMG-10 + LMC-310 + VGW MINI + LD-100+LMG-10 unit price: £119.99LMC-310 unit price: £179.99VGW-MINI unit price: £79.99LD-100+ unit price: £79.99Original total price: £459.96Kit price: £399.99Kit 2: LMG-10 + LMC-310 + VGW MINI + ILD-200LMG-10 unit price: £119.99LMC-310 unit price: £179.99VGW-MINI unit price: £79.99ILD-200...
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Elitech WJL-6000S Refrigerant Leak Detector Corona Sensor AC Halogen Gas Leaking Detection
Upgrade version of WJL-6000 refrigerant leak detector. WJL-6000S made improvements in many aspects to realize more reliable and quicker detection. It uses newly designed high-precision MIC and ultra-low power consumption circuit design, ensuring much more stable operation and durable batteries. Moreover, its highest sensitivity increased...
Rilevatore di perdite di anidride carbonica di CO2 Elitech Inframate C, tester di perdite di refrigerazione R744, rilevatore di gas R-744 per HVACR
Punti C Inframate Rilevamento di anidride carbonica*   Il sensore a infrarossi specifico per CO2 è progettato specificamente per il rilevamento di perdite di refrigerante R744 (CO2). Lunga durata del sensore*    Un sensore a infrarossi può funzionare fino a 40.000 ore...
£219.99 £189.99
Elitech IR-200 Rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante 2-in-1 Infrarossi e diodo riscaldato Doppio sensore Tester di perdite alogeno ad alta sensibilità 10 anni di vita del sensore
Il rilevatore di perdite IR-200 2-in-1 è il primo rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante a doppio sensore al mondo. Combina sensori a infrarossi e diodi riscaldati che possono facilmente passare da una modalità all'altra. Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno...
£269.99 £219.99
Elitech ILD-200 Rilevatore elettronico di perdite di refrigerante HVAC, rilevatore di perdite di freon, sensore a infrarossi fino a 10 anni di vita utile, 4 g/anno, record di PICCO
Elitech ILD-200 con rilevatore di perdite per tutti i comuni refrigeranti CFC, HFC, HCFC, PFC e HFO, include rilevatore di perdite, luce UV, cavo di ricarica, filtri di ricambio e custodia per il trasporto. Il sensore a infrarossi offre una...
£192.99 £179.99
Rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante Elitech CLD-100 Tester di perdite di refrigerazione alogeno, sniffer di freon, strumenti HVAC, R11, R22, R134a, R404a, R410A, HFC, CFC, HCFC
  Tutto il necessario per il rilevamento professionale delle perdite: il rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante Elitech CLD-100 rileva R11/R22/R134a/R404a/R410a/R500/R124 e tutti i refrigeranti alogenati inclusi CFC, HFC, HCFC e miscele. Il tester alogeno include il rilevatore stesso, una custodia...
Elitech EMG-20V Intelligent Digital Manifold, 2 Valves, APP Control,Big Touch Screen
Elitech EMG-20V Intelligent Manifold gauge integrates the function of dual temperature test, dual pressure test, pressure holding measurement, vacuum measurement, super-heating, and sub-cooling calculation, refrigerant weight measurement, and data logging. All of these functions can be controlled on the big...
£379.99 £319.99
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Pompa per vuoto intelligente a 2 stadi Elitech SVP-7, 7CFM, 3S/L, controllo APP, registrazione dati, controllo intelligente, strumento di servizio aria condizionata per frigorifero HVAC
La pompa per vuoto a 2 stadi Elitech SVP-7 è una pompa per vuoto intelligente che può essere controllata tramite APP tramite connessione Bluetooth a una distanza massima di 30 piedi/10 m, la velocità di pompaggio è 3 L/S (7...
£449.99 £349.99
Elitech VGW-mini Wireless Micron Gauge 1~19,000 Microns, Digital Vacuum Gauge for HVAC and automotive, Refrigerant Vacuum Meter 1/4" SAE
Elitech VGW-mini Wireless micron vacuum gauge measures vacuum via just one service port and with no loss of refrigerant. Its compact, robust and smart design support HVAC technicians with numerous intelligent features like the graphic display of measurement data in...
Elitech LD-200 Refrigerant Halogen Gas Leak Detector HVAC Heated Diode Freon Halogen Gas Tester-Rechargeable
Elitech LD-200 Refrigerant Leak Detector offers the greatest sensitivity and short response time of any portable refrigerant detector available. This is achieved through the employment of a high sensitive heated diode sensor combined with a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled circuit. This refrigerant leak...
£69.99 £59.99
Elitech SRL-100 Refrigerant Scale 220Lbs/100Kg (Magnesium-aluminum alloy base)
SRL-100 ultra-lightweight refrigerant electronic scale is a new type refrigerant scale of Elitech. This scale possesses the advantages of ultra-thin and ultra light-weight compared to the traditional refrigerant charging scale, because it is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, so it is easy...
£219.99 £189.99
Elitech PG-30Pro Digital Manifold Gauge, Digital Pressure Gauge -14.5~500 psi - Red
Elitech PG-30Pro is a digital pressure gauge that measures system pressure in real-time. It features a big artistic screen and batteries with 1-year service life. The gauge has a backlight, auto-off, low battery indication, overload alarm, and other functions. It is designed...
Elitech HLD-100+ Halogen Refrigerant Leak Detector HVAC Corona Sensor Freon Gas Tester
Everything you need for quick and reliable refrigerant leakage detection: Elitech HLD-100+ refrigerant leak detector detects R11/R22/R134a/R404a/R410a/R500/R124 and all halogenated refrigerants including CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and blends. The halogen tester includes the detector itself, a spare sensor tip, and an...
Elitech LD-100 Refrigerant Halogen Gas Leak Detector HVAC Heated Diode Freon Halogen Gas Checker Heated Diode - Portable Handheld
Elitech LD-100 Refrigerant Leak Detector offers great sensitivity and the fastest response. This is achieved through the employment of a high sensitive semi-conductive sensor combined with a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled circuit. In addition to the supreme performance and functional advantages, it...
£59.99 £49.99
Elitech LD-100+ Upgraded Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector, HVAC & Auto Air Conditioning Service Tool
Elitech LD-100+ is an upgraded version of LD-100. Compared with an ordinary corona sensor, the heated diode sensor features a much longer lifetime, up to 500 working hours. It's more accurate and minimizes false alarms. Moreover, it can detect more...
£89.99 £79.99
Elitech DMG-3 Digital Pressure Gauge HVAC Refrigeration Manifold Gauge
Elitech DMG-3 digital manifold gauge set is a perfect replacement for traditional analog gauges. It stores 87 kinds of refrigerant evaporation temperature databases. Equipped with one red (high side) pressure gauge, one blue (low side) pressure gauge, a 2-way valve block with...
£149.99 £129.99
Elitech EMG-40V Intelligent 4 Valves Digital Manifold with 5” Smart Touch Screen
Elitech EMG-40V, an intelligent new digital manifold gauge, help you measure fast and operate easily via large graphic and smartphone. With its touch screen, pressure, vacuum and temperature values will be at a glance in your hand. It is suitable for...
£499.99 £399.99
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Elitech SVP-9 Intelligent 2-Stage Vaccum Pump, 9CFM,4S/L, APP Control, Data Logging, Smart Control, HVAC Refrigerator Auto Air Condition Service Tool
Elitech SVP-9 2-stage vacuum pump is an intelligent vacuum pump that can be controlled through APP via Bluetooth connection at a distance of 30ft/10m maximum, the pumping rate is 4 L/S (9 CFM) and the motor power is 1 HP...
£449.99 £399.99
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Elitech SVP-12 Intelligent 2-Stage Vacuum Pump 12CFM, 5L/S, APP Control, Data Logging, Smart Control, HVAC Refrigerator Service Tool
Elitech SVP-12 2-stage vacuum pump is an intelligent vacuum pump that can be controlled through APP via Bluetooth connection at a distance of 30ft/10m maximum, the pumping rate is 5 L/S (12 CFM) and the motor power is 1 HP...
£499.99 £449.99
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