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Elitech ATC-800+ Regolatore di temperatura digitale 10A Riscaldamento e 20A Uscite di controllo del raffreddamento con risoluzione di 0,1 ℃

di Elitech
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Elitech ATC-800+ (ATC800+)temperature controller thermostat with a large Three-digital LCD, it has an all-in-one package that works with both heating and cooling system.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor.
Two-way control output: cooling and heating

Elitech ATC-800+ thermostat controls temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value, and when the temperature exceeds measuring range, or sensor open circuit or short circuit will alarm warning.

Elitech ATC-800+ thermostat function: automatic cooling and heating switch, output delay protection, real-time monitor and display, over-temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, and temperature calibration.

Elitech ATC-800+ temperature controller thermostat can be widely used in areas that need automatic temperature controls such as snake rack, homebrew, pet breeding, seeding heat mat, aquarium, seafood machine, aquaculture, hatchery/incubator farming, greenhouse planting, brew, ferment, fridge, freezer, slow cooker, etc.

All-in-one package, Easy Use

Auto Heating and Cooling Switch

Automatic switch between refrigerating and heating, always keep the temperature in an ideal range, with 2m stable and high accuracy sensor.

Wide Control Range, Wider Application

The temperature control range is -50℃~99℃, Can be used for multiple applications

Stable & Reliable

Pass EMC test, industrial level four test.

Multiple Alarm, More Reliable

Over-temperature alarm and sensor fault alarm.

High-temperature Resolution 0.1℃


Customer Reviews

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Thomas Borg
Easy to use and long term reliability

Ten years of great performance in greenhouse propagator convinced to buy another with home move. Works are well protected only sign of age a fading front panel. Instructions re temp. difference set (hysteresis?) a little unclear. Probe included. Highly recommended.

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