Elitech ATC-800+ Digital Temperature Controller 10A Heating and 20A Cooling Control Outputs With 0.1℃ Resolution

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Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Wiring Digram-Elitech UK

Elitech ATC-800+ (ATC800+)temperature controller thermostat with a large Three-digital LCD, it has an all-in-one package that works with both heating and cooling system.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor.
Two-way control output: cooling and heating

Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Function-Elitech UK

Elitech ATC-800+ thermostat controls temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value, and when the temperature exceeds measuring range, or sensor open circuit or short circuit will alarm warning.

Elitech ATC-800+ thermostat function: automatic cooling and heating switch, output delay protection, real-time monitor and display, over-temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, and temperature calibration.

Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Function-Elitech UK

Elitech ATC-800+ temperature controller thermostat can be widely used in areas that need automatic temperature controls such as snake rack, homebrew, pet breeding, seeding heat mat, aquarium, seafood machine, aquaculture, hatchery/incubator farming, greenhouse planting, brew, ferment, fridge, freezer, slow cooker, etc.

Elitech ATC-800+ Parameter & Main Function

Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Parameter and Main Function-Elitech UK

Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Features

  • Auto Heating and Cooling Switch - Automatic switch between refrigerating and heating, always keep the temperature in an ideal range, with 2m stable and high accuracy sensor.
  • Stable & Reliable - Pass EMC test, industrial level four test.
  • Wide Control Range, Wider Application - The temperature control range is -50℃~99℃, Can be used for multiple applications
  • Multiple Alarm, More Reliable - Over-temperature alarm and sensor fault alarm.
  • High-temperature Resolution 0.1℃
  • All-in-one package, Easy Use
Elitech ATC-800+ Auto Heating and Cooling Switch
Elitech ATC-800+ Reliable
Elitech ATC-800+ Wide Temperature Control Range
Auto Heating and Cooling Switch*
Stable & Reliable* Wide Control Range, Wider Application*
Elitech ATC-800+ Multiple Alarm-Elitech UK
Elitech ATC-800+ High-temperature Resolution 0.1℃-Elitech UK
Elitech ATC-800+ Easy to use
Multiple Alarm, More Reliable High-temperature Resolution 0.1℃*
All-in-one package, Easy Use*

    Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Panel Instruction

    Elitech ATC-800+ Thermostat Panel Instruction-Elitech UK

    Elitech Thermostat Comparison

    Elitech Thermostat Comparision-Elitech_UKFeeling the Joy of Life-Elitech UK

    ATC-800+ Temperature Controller User Manual

    1.Temperature Data Logger

    RC Series RC-5/ RC-5+  RC-5+ TE RC-51H RC-4/4HC RC-51 RC-55  RC-19
    RCW Series RCW-360WIFI RCW-360 Plus 4G RCW-400A RCW-600WIFI  RCW-800WIFI  RCW-2000/2100/2200 RCW-2000WIFI Series
    LogET Series LogEt-1 LogET 1 Series LogEt-6 LogEt-8 LogEt-8 Life Science LogEt-8 Food LogEt-8 BLE
    Others TI-1S&2S Tlog Series  Glog-2 GSP-8 TemLog20 TemLog20H

    2. Air Quality Monitor & Particle Counter

    P Series P10 P15  P20 P20C P200 P600 P1000
    M Series M10 M10i M1000 M2000 M2000 2nd M2000C M2000C 2nd
    LKC Series & Others LKC-20T LKC-1000S LKC-1000S+ LKC-1000E H2 H3 Airing-1000
    PM Series PM-900 PM-900M PMD 331 PMD 351 PMS 10 PMS 11 PMS 22

    3. Refrigerant Leak Detector

    CLD-100 HLD-100 HLD-200  LD-100 LD-200 WJL-6000 ILD-100 ILD-200 ILD-300

    4. Refrigerant Scale

    SRL-100 LMC-100A  / LMC-100F LMC-200 / LMC-200A    LMC-210 / LMC-210A / LMC-210L LMC-300 / LMC-300A LMC-310A / LMC-310 / LMC-300L

    5. Temperature Controller

     STC-1000 Series STC-1000 STC-1000X STC-1000Pro STC-1000WIFI STC-1000Pro TH STC-1000WIFI TH
    EK Series E-1000 EK-3010 EK-3020 EK-3021 EK-3030 EK-3030E
    ECS Series ECS-11 ECS-16 ECS-02CX ECS-06CX ECS-180neo ECS-961neo


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