Elitech E-1000 Digital Temperature Controller Heating and Cooling Auto Switch Thermostat with Defrost Mode

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Elitech E-1000 Digital Temperature Controller is a smart "super-easy" series temperature controller, and it is used for the temperature control which needs cooling and heating switch automatically.

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1. Three way control output: Refrigeration, defrost and Lighting.

2. Suitable for temperature control of the middle and low temperature cold storage or heating equipment.

3. Six touch key design, quick parameter setting, easy operation.

4. It could measure, display and control temperature, with the function of temperature calibration, and over-temperature alarm and sensor failure alarm.

5. One key recovery of the factory default setting, support parameters preset.

6. It adopts touch key design with the key lock function.


1 x Mini-Temperature Controller

1 x Temperature sensor probe with cable

1 x Instruction Manual

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Measuring range


Controlling range



-30℃~50℃, ±1℃±0.5dig; others, ±2℃±0.5dig


0.1℃ / 1℃

Mounting size


Power supply

220±10% (VAC),50/60Hz

Power consumption


Work ambient temperature


work ambient humidity

10%~90%RH, non condensing

Storage temperature


Senor type

NTC (10KΩ/25℃, B value 3435K)

Sensor length

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