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Elitech EK-3020 Regolatore di temperatura digitale con uscita a due vie Uscita di raffreddamento e sbrinamento

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Elitech EK-3020 Regolatore di temperatura digitale con uscita a due vie Uscita di raffreddamento e sbrinamento

£19.99 £30.00 Sold out

Sonda per Termoregolatore Serie EK

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£19.99 £27.98

Elitech EK-3020 is a temperature controller with touch screen buttons. It is suitable for temperature control of cooling and defrosting output. With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature correction, forced defrosting, temperature overrun alarm and sensor fault alarm function. One-touch restoration of original setting values for easy re-adjustment of parameters.

It has the function of defrosting cycle power-off memory, even if the equipment is unexpectedly powered off, the defrosting can still be started in time to ensure the normal operation and cooling efficiency of the unit.

Due to its touch buttons, Elitech equipped the EK series with a key lock function to avoid accidental touches that may cause the parameters to change. The touch button adopts high-precision digital capacitance measurement technology, which can avoid various interferences such as water droplets; compared with mechanical buttons, there is no mechanical action, long life, and stable performance.

Touch Keys, Good User Experience*

High precision capacitive touch keys for greater reliability

More Stable & Reliable*

Pass EMC test, industrial level four test. Front protection level reaches IP65

Waterproof & Dustproof

One-piece front panel design for greater protection against moisture and dust

Buzzer Alarm Output, More Reliable*

Sensor fault alarm and over-temperature alarm

Easy to Use, No Menu*

Single-click to complete the general settings directly, no need to enter the menu

Wide Control Range, Wider Application*

The temperature control range is -40℃~85℃, Can be used for multiple applications

EK Series Touch Key Temperature Controller Comparison Chart

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