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Elitech IR-200 Rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante 2 in 1 a infrarossi e diodo riscaldato Doppio sensore Rilevatore di perdite alogeno ad alta sensibilità Durata del sensore di 10 anni

di Elitech
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IR-200 2-in-1 leak detector is the world's 1st dual-sensor refrigerant leak detector. It combines infrared and heated diode sensors which can easily switch between two modes.  Everything you need for professional leakage detection: Elitech IR-200 includes leak detector, case, UV LED light, charging adaptor and cable, replacement/extension probe and 5 replacement filters. You will therefore be ideally equipped to carry out quick, reliable leakage detection.  

  • World's 1st 2-in-1*  Refrigerant Leak Detector with both infrared and heating diode sensors. The two modes-infrared and heated diode can easily switch between
  • High Accuracy. A maximum sensitivity of up to 4g/yr enables detection of even the smallest leak
  • Long Service Life. 10-Year's Infrared Sensor life.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity. 3 levels of infrared sensitivity adjustable, 1000 levels of heating diode automatic adjustment
  • Versatile. Applicable to All Common Refrigerants: HFCs, HCs, HCFCs, CFCs, HFO-1234, etc
  • Easy-to-Use. Big TFT LCD screen displays leakage amount in a vivid way. A flexible extension probe is included to double the probing length, for easy detection in hard-to-reach areas. 5 replacement filters are included for easy maintenance to prolong sensor life.
  • Dependable. Meets SAEJ 2791, SAEJ2913, EN 14624, CE standards.

Infrared Mode*

Detecting even the smallest leaks

Heated Diode Mode*

1000 Automatic Sensitivity Level

Easy to Use*

Big TFT LCD screen displays leakage amount in a vivid way

An all-rounder in leak detection*

Detect all common cooling agents: HFCs, HCs, HCFCs, CFCs, HFO-1234

More Easy Detect*

Additional sensor probe to extend the probe area

IR-200 Package

1 x Leak Detector
1 x UV LED
1 x User Manual
1 x Plastic Case
1 x Charging Cable
5 x Replacement Filter
1 x Replacement Probe

Long Life Time*

Replacement filters and sensor caps for maintenance of the leak detector

IR-200 Refrigerant Leak Detector 2-in-1 Infrared & Heated Diode

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard W

Seems to do the job so far. Also appears to detect household natural gas too.


tested it few time and appears to be a good product. Do not have any reason to be suspicious, Time is a great teller.


Really good quality. Very happy with the product. Thanks


Working great for R134a, R410a, R12 and R22 etcs.
Very effective product as I tried to hunt down a leak in the A/C system in my car. it did really a perfect job on detecting R134a, R410a, R12 and R22. My favorite part about this device is the visual indicator as well as the tone which makes it extremly easy to use


Excellent leak detector. Infared detection so very accurate to find those leaks you can never find . Also can be used on the new refrigerants like R1234YF AND OLD R134A . The display is excellent LONG REACH PROBE . NICE TO HOLD . 10 year sensor life

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