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Elitech RCW-3000&3200 Wireless Data Logger 4G+WiFi+Lora Monitoraggio della temperatura e dell'umidità Supporto del sistema App cloud e mobile

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The RCW-3000 series split-type IoT monitoring system adopts various communication transmission technologies such as LoRa, 4G, WiFi, and Ethernet, and is composed of wireless collectors, gateways, cloud platforms, and mobile apps.

The wireless collector can be deployed arbitrarily according to the monitoring location requirements. The gateway can upload data through 4G/WiFi/Ethernet, etc., and cooperate with the cloud platform and APP to realize remote data viewing, historical data query, remote alarm push and other functions which widely used in large-scale cold storage, shade storage, hospitals, fresh supermarkets and other scenes.

About this item

  • Imported sensor
    Imported sensors have the advantages of high precision and high stability. Ensure the authenticity and validity of the detection data.
  • Wireless deployment
    The detector and the gateway communicate via Lora wirelessly, and the communication distance is 1000 meters in an open space, which eliminates wiring installation, reducing the construction period and construction cost. Ensure that the project is delivered quickly.

    After the wireless collector RCW-3200 is powered on, it will automatically connect to the gateway (default group: 0, group range 0-255) to upload data, use the client software to modify the group, without adding devices one by one
  • Long battery life
    No less than 1-year battery life. (2~8℃, connection interval 5min).
  • Large capacity
    With the upload interval of 1 minute, the number of wireless collectors that can be connected to a gateway is no less than 100. The data storage capacity is 1 million groups.
  • Data cable export
    Both the gateway and the detector device support connecting to a computer via a USB data cable to export data.
  • Scan code and use
    Use your mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the back of the device, and follow the prompts to configure the information to use.

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