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Registratore di dati di temperatura Elitech Tlog serie B100 Bluetooth PDF Report Registratore di temperatura_Liquidazione

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Stile: Tlog B100
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Multi-use and High Recording Capacity, Up to 32,000 temperature points.

Wireless Bluetooth Technology, One-click pairing, program/manage logger remotely by Elitech App within meters ranges.

High-precision Internal Temperature Sensor, A wide temperature range from -22°F to 158°F with high accuracy, up to ±0.6℉, more suitable for a variety of temperature-sensitive products.

Free Elitech App remotely manage logger, make cold chain management much easier.

Long Working Life Adopting a lithium battery.

Elitech Tlog-100 Series Ultra-Low Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Customer Reviews

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Liva Pual
accurate and responsive

Item performs as specified. My only gripe was that in order to use the Bluetooth capabilirt I need to register an account with Elitech then all my data goes via Elitech so apart from security issues its not going to work where there is no internet connectivity so forget about using it in remomte locations. Alo it appears as though there is a subscription fee payable for the account after the initial period. Its not rocket science to create an android app that would download the data over bluetooth. Nor is it rocket science to add bluetooth capability to the windows app.

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