Temtop P10 Air Quality Monitor (PM2.5 AQI)

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Temtop P10 Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 AQI Meter Real Time Display Rechargeable Battery, Air is invisible and it's hard to determine whether our air quality is healthy or not. With the Temtop P10, however, you'll be equipped with one of the world's most accurate and smallest air quality monitors - so that you can monitor your air quality on the go. It senses particulate matter PM2.5 in real time.


  • New 2-IN-1 air quality monitor for PM2.5 & AQI only as it considered the most hazadous pollutant to human health due to its tiny sizes can be inhaled and absorbed.
  • Temtop 3rd generation laser particle sensor combined with unique particle swarm optimization algorithm makes particle measurement more accurate and stable.
  • Full VA-LCD screen and tri-color indicator give clear readings on particle pollutants and its relative AQI level.
  • Multi-functional button: one click to switch interface, double click to auto loop, long-press to turn on/off.
  • Built-in 2200mAh lithium battery that runs up to 6 hours after full cycle charging.


Weight 0.44 LB
Dimensions 81*81*30 mm
Battery capacity 2200 mAh
Battery life 6 hours
Input voltage DC 5V
PM2.5 Measuring range 0~999 ug/m3
PM2.5 Resolution 0.1 ug/m3
Input current 0.5-1A

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