Temtop TemLog-20 Temperature Data Logger USB Waterproof Temperature Recorder

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No matter whether in the food industry or in a calibration laboratory: A USB data logger enables precise measurement and recording of data in next to no time. Thanks to the practical USB interface, data packets can be read out directly on the PC and analysed using the appropriate software.

At the same time, a USB data logger's functions are also capable of impressing:
Easy use – both stationary and mobile
Precise data recording
Adjustable measuring cycle
Fast connection to a PC
Comprehensive equipment, such as a shock data logger

Temtop TemLog-20 temperature data logger is widely used in logistic, cold chain, supermarket and catering. Safe delivery of every drug to the patient represents a major logistical achievement. The cold chain needs to be maintained along the entire supply chain. Moreover, the processes involved in pharmaceutical logistics are subject to almost as many regulations as the production itself. 

Elitech Temlog-20 Temperature data loggers, cloud storage and all-in-one solutions enable you to comply with the applicable standards, guidelines and regulations reliably. Thus you can make an important contribution to people’s health by ensuring that pharmaceuticals are stored and delivered in perfect condition.


1. Generate PDF report automatically.

2. Multiple alarm indication.

3. High waterproof protection grade, wide range of applications.

4. High accuracy sensor with long-term stability property.

5. USB port, plug and play easily.

6. 32000 recording point. After run out, it can be restored by software setting.

Technical data

Temperature measuring range -30℃~70℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Sensor Built-in NTC thermistor
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃ (-20℃~40℃); ±1℃ (others)
Record capacity 32000 points (MAX)
Alarm type continuous, cumulative
Alarm setting no alarm, upper/lower limit alarm, multiple alarms
Record interval 10 sec ~ 24 hours continuously set
Data interface USB
Report type AI format doc
Power supply single-use lithium battery 3.6V (replaceable)
Battery life at least 12 months at 25℃ with 15 min record interval


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