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Elitech ECB-5080S Three-phase Iron Electric Control Panel Board With Refrigeration, Defrost, Fan Output, 380VAC, WiFi Network, With Temperature and Evaporator Defrost Probe Sensor

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Compressor: 5HP
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Elitech ECB-5080S electric control panel is an iron shell electric control box with WiFi (2.4GHz) and 485 interfaces communication mode. It is suitable for temperature control with refrigeration, defrost fan output. There are multiple options for compressor and defrost output, defrost output, from 5HP to 30HP, to meet different refrigeration needs and application scenarios. With ultra-high temperature alarm, ultra-low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm and time display functions.

Elitech ECB-5080S electric control panel is suitable for temperature control of commercial and industrial refrigeration, hotels, household freezers, refrigerators, small and medium cold storage, refrigeration devices.

Two-way signal input: temperature probe sensor, defrost probe sensor.
Three-way control output: compressor, defrosting, fan.


Model: ECB-5080S
Power Supply: 380VAC; 50/60HZ
Temperature Measurement Range: -50~50℃
Temperature Control Range: -40~119℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±1℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Contact Capacity (Compressor): 14A/ 21A/ 28A/ 35A/ 56A
Contact Capacity (Defrost): 14A/ 21A/ 28A/ 35A/ 56A
Contact Capacity (Fan): 7A
Sensor Type: NTC (10KQ/25 °C , B-3435K)
Communication: RS-485
Network: WiFi(2.4GHz)
Compressor Delay Protection Time: 1~120 min adjustable

  • Remote Control, More Intelligent*  With wifi networking function, it can be viewed and modified remotely by computer, intelligent terminal and mobile phone APP, and the temperature data can be recorded and saved in real-time to realize remote centralized monitoring of cold storage,
  • Easy Operate*  Temperature controller with double temperature display, direct access to view and set parameters by keypad, multiple indicator lights to show system operation status can be operated without manual
  • Alarm, More Reliable*  Temperature over-limit alarm and sensor fault alarm light
  • Multiple Protection, Safer*  High voltage protection, low voltage protection, module protection, overload protection, phase sequence protection, phase loss protection, three-phase unbalance protection, inverse time protection and other protection functions for the compressor

Elitech ECB-5080S Function

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