Elitech ECS-180A Digital Temperature Controller Waterproof Cooling System Quick Connection

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Elitech ECS-180A (ECS180A) digital temperature controller with big light inlet window, LED display, display area increases 50%; wear-proof key design, front panel multiple color optional. With the function of one key recovery, which could recover parameter setting directly, convenient for production and after-sale maintenance. With an internal transformer, which could simplify the wiring operation, saving labor costs. 

Four-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor, condenser probe sensor, evaporator probe sensor, door switch.
Three-way control output: refrigeration, defrosting and fan equipment.

Elitech ECS-180A Function

Model Control Output Signal Input Others
Refrigeration (10A) Defrosting (5A) Fan (5A) Temperature Sensor Condenser Sensor Evaporator Sensor Door Switch ℃/℉



Model ECS-180A
Operating Voltage 220VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Overall Power Consumption <3W
Temperature Measurement Range -50℃-90℃ or -58°F-194°F
Temperature Control Range -50℃-85℃ or -58°F-185°F
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃(-40℃~50℃ ), ±2℃(51℃~70℃), Others±3℃
Display Resolution 0.1℃ or 1°F
Product Size 78.5×34.5×82(mm)
Mounting Dimension 71×29 (mm)
Rated Current of Output Relay (Refrigeration) 30A/240VAC
Rated Current of Output Relay (Defrosting) 5A/250VAC
Rated Current of Output Relay (Fan) 5A/250VAC



  • Medicine cabinets
  • Supermarket split cabinet
  • Air curtain cabinet
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Wine cabinet


Elitech ECS-180A Temperature Controller Thermostat User Manual
Elitech ECS-180A Temperature Controller Thermostat CE Certification 

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