Elitech LS200 Split Plastic Electric Control Cabinet With Refrigeration, Defrost, Fan, Light and Alarm Output 100-256VAC WiFi/ 4G Network

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Elitech LS200 electric control cabinet is a split plastic shell electric control box with WiFi (2.4GHz) or 4G network function and 485 interface and Bluetooth communication mode. It is suitable for temperature control with refrigeration, defrost, fan, light and alarm output. The compressor relay capacity is 50A/240VAC, can directly drive a single-phase compressor 3HP. With force defrost, ultra-high temperature alarm, ultra-low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, and time display functions. It also has Fahrenheit Celsius conversion function.

Elitech LS200 electric control cabinet is suitable for temperature control of commercial and industrial refrigeration, hotels, household freezers, refrigerators, small and medium cold storage, refrigeration devices of 3HP and below.

SIX-way signal input: temperature probe sensor, defrost probe sensor, Spare Sensor, 3-way digital input.
Five-way control output: compressor, defrost, fan, light, alarm.

Elitech LS200 Function

Model Control Output Sensor Input Digital input
Compressor Defrost Fan Light Alarm Temperature Sensor Defrost Sensor Spare Sensor 3-Way
LS200 3HP/220V; 1.5P/110V 30A 16A 16A 10A



Model LS200
Power Supply 100-256VAC; 50/60HZ
Overall Power Consumption <10W
Temperature Measurement Range -49~119℃
Temperature Control Range -40~119℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃ (-20~50℃); ±1.5℃ (Others)
Resolution 0.1℃/ 1℉
Relay Capacity (Compressor) 50A/240VAC; 3HP/220VA, 1.5P/110V;
Relay Capacity (Defrost) 30A/220VAC
Relay Capacity (Fan) 16A/220VAC
Relay Capacity (Light) 16A/220VAC
Relay Capacity (Alarm) 10A/220VAC
Storage Temperature -20℃~75℃
Sensor Type NTC (10KQ/25 °C, B-3435K)
Communication  RS-485 + Bluetooth
Network WiFi(2.4GHz)/ 4G



  • Split Type, Operation More Convenient* Adopt split type electric control system, the electric box and the unit are put together, the hand-operated board can be flexibly secured according to the actual situation of the cold storage, the maximum support 200 meters operation distance.
  • Split Type, Safer* The hand-operated board and the electrical box are installed separately, the strong and weak electricity are separated, the personnel operation is safer.
  • Split Type, Cost-saving* The electrical box and the unit are placed together, which can greatly save the power line; built-in one-key energy-saving function, which can make use of the peak and valley points, realize the night frost and automatic temperature adjustment function
  • More Stable* Two temperature probes, one for use and one for backup, effectively avoiding the risk caused by the failure of one probe
  • Bluetooth, Easy operate* Parameters can be set via Bluetooth connection, easy to set parameters and easy to control, no need for manual to operate
  • Remote Control, More Intelligent* Real-time reporting of equipment status through SMS, APP, email and other fault over-temperature alarm methods to achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring of cold storage

Elitech LS-200 Electric Control Box CE Certification

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