Temtop Airing-1000 Air Quality Monitor Real Time PM2.5 PM10 Detector

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Temtop Airing-1000 PM2.5 air quality monitor’sensor for detecting PM2.5 and PM10 concentration uses laser testing principle, so try to prevent batting, hair, etc. from entering the detector to make sure the accuracy of test data. Avoid using the detector in a humid environment to make sure the accuracy of test data. The detector is a precision instrument. Please do not bump, strike or drop it.

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Built-in high-capacity battery with a large and clear LCD display. 

Suitable to use at home, office, in the car, outdoor and other environmental testing.

An ideal multi-function testing tool to monitor the air quality, a safeguard for family health.

Compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to use. Detection time is short and accurate.

Easy to operate with simple system settings through 2 function buttons. Built-in large capacity lithium battery with long stand by time, can be charged by USB cable.

What Are Displayed:

  • PM2. 5 display: real-time PM2.5 concentration of current environment, unit: ug/m³
  • PM10 display: real-time PM10 concentration of current environment, unit: ug/m³
  • Power indication: current battery level
  • PM2. 5 bar chart: the average PM2.5 concentration within 10 minutes
  • Temperature: current ambient temperature, unit: °C
  • Humidity: current ambient humidity, unit: %

Buttons Function:

  • Power: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on/off the detector.
  • HOLD: Press this button during normal detection, HOLD" shows on the screen, indicating the function of detecting particles pauses and particle concentration and bar chart remain unchanged. Press this button again, "HOLD" disappear and the detector enters detection status.

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Operating Environment

Temperature range 0~50°C
Humidity range 10~90% RH
Atmospheric pressure  1 standard atmospheric pressure

Measuring Range and Resolution

PM2.5 0-999ug/m³, resolution: 0.1ug/m³
PM10 0-999ug/m³, resolution: 0.1ug/m³
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Humidity 10-90%, resolution: 0.1%

Control Panel

POWER turn on / off the detector
HOLD switch between detection and pause
USB port standard micro-usb charging port
Air outlet the channel air flows out
Air inlet the channel air flows in
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