Temtop M2000 Air Quality Monitor (PM2.5 PM10 CO2 HCHO)

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Temtop M2000 air quality monitor PM2.5 PM10 CO2 HCHO temperature and humidity settable audio alarm recording curve, a simple but powerful air quality detector. The Temtop M2000 Air Quality Detector provides exactly what you need to stay on top of your home air quality levels - no more, no less.

Temtop, brand under Elitech (UK) Limited, which is a technology company specialized in environmental detection. Temtop will continuously make effort to push the society to give attention to air quality.

Model Function
M2000 PM2.5 / PM10 / Particle Count / CO2 / Histogram / HCHO
M2000C PM2.5 / PM10 / Particle Count / CO2 / Histogram

Display mode TFT color LCD screen
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh
Dimension 223.5*73.5*37.5mm (8.8*2.8*1.4in)
Output voltage DC 5V
Output current 1A
Temperature range 0℃ – 50℃ (32-122℉)
Humidity range 0-90% RH
Air Pressure 1 atm
Application Home, Office, Car, etc.


PM2.5 Measuring Range 0-999 ug/m3
PM2.5 Resolution 0.1 ug/m3
PM2.5 Accuracy ±10 μg/m(0 - 100 μg/m3); ±10% (100 - 500 μg/m3)
PM10 Measuring Range 0-999 ug/m3
PM10 Resolution 0.1 ug/m3
PM10 Accuracy ±15 μg/m3 (0 - 100 μg/m3); 15% (100 - 500 μg/m3)
HCHO Measuring Range 0-5 mg/m3
HCHO Resolution 0.01 mg/m3
HCHO Accuracy ±0.03 mg/m3 (0 - 0.3 mg/m3); ±10% (0.3 - 5 mg/m3)
CO2 Measuring Range 0-5000 ppm
CO2 Resolution 1 ppm
CO2 Accuracy ±50ppm + 5% Readings

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