Temtop P1000 Air Quality Monitor (PM2.5 PM10 CO2 Temperature Humidity)

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Temtop P1000 Air Quality Detector

P1000 combines ease of use and performance.

A simple but powerful air quality monitor.

The P1000/M1000 Air Quality monitor provides exactly what you need to stay on top of your home air quality levels - no more, no less. Powered by internal 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, it can run about 6 hours without charging.

P1000: PM10, CO2, PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity

Large LCD Screen

Air Quality Monitor featuring a large LCD display and is easy to operate. Just a glance, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, temperature or humidity can be easily seen on the screen. 

Advanced Sensors

We keep the most important and essential parts for a good air quality monitor - high accurate for testing! We adopting particle laser sensor, humidity and temperature sensor, CO2 infrared sensor, with our smart chip, digital signal amplification for more accurate data.

Tabletop or Wall Mounted

There is back support to make this air quality detector stand on the table. Also, it can be fixed to the wall like a clock to help you check your air quality anytime. This detector can be widely used in household, office, car and many other environments.

Adjustable Setting Interval

The recording interval can be set from 5 minutes to half an hour, which will help save power to make it run for about 6 hours.


Battery voltage 3.7 V DC
Dimension 10.2*5.5*1.3 in (260*139*33 mm)
Output voltage DC 5V
Output current 0.5-1A
Temperature range 0℃ – 50℃
Humidity range 0-90% RH
Air Pressure 1 atm
Application Home, Office, Car, etc.
PM2.5 Measuring Range 0 - 999 ug/m3
PM2.5 Resolution 0.1 ug/m3
PM10 Measuring Range 0 - 999 ug/m3
PM10 Resolution 0.1 ug/m3
CO2Measuring Range 0-5000ppm
CO2 Resolution 1ppm

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