Temtop PMS-10 Particle Sensor Pump-Suction Dust Sensor

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Temtop PMS-10 particulate matter sensor is a pump-suction laser particle monitor, designed to provide solutions for the online environment monitoring industry.

It is widely used in atmospheric monitoring systems such as miniature air stations, dust monitoring, and soot monitoring.

Application: miniature air stations; dust monitoring; clean room; soot monitoring, etc.

Measuring range:

PM: 0 ~ 2,000 ug/m³

PM2.5: 0 ~ 5,000 ug/m³

PM10: 0 ~ 5,000 ug/m³

TSP: 0 ~ 10,000 ug/m³

Accuracy: ± 10% (Aerosol Calibration)

Resolution: 1 ug/m³



1. Four Channel for Different Particle Size Detecting

It can simultaneously monitor the mass concentration of PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, four detecting channel, 10 seconds sampling time.

2. Precise calibration

Calibrated with β-ray Scattering Detector

3. Efficient sampling

Equipped with a four-wire vacuum pump, large and stable flow rate ensure the accuracy of data.

4. Strong Anti-Interference Performance
Precision optical metal mechanical structure makes it perform better in anti-interference.

5. Easy integrated

Small size, industry standard interface, more convenient installation.

6. Long Working Time

Core devices such as industrial-grade lasers and air pumps can run for 10,000 hours.



Light source: 50mW, 780nm

Sampling time:< 10sec

Communication Mode: RS485, 2G / 3G / 4G (Customizable)

Dimensions: 4.45*3.46*1.50 Inches (Excluding air inlet / outlet / terminal size)

Working Principle: Laser Mie-scattering Principle

Working Temperature Range: 0~50℃

Storage Temperature Range: -10℃~60℃

Flow Rate: 1.0L/min (Standard)

Response time: <7s

Sampling Rate: User-defined

Weight: 0.8 lb

Measurement mode: Continuous mode / discontinuous mode

Sampling time: 20 ~ 3, 600sec

Break time: 20 ~ 3, 600sec (Normal situation)

Operating Voltage: 12V (11. 5-12. 5V) DC

Working current:< 400mA

Operating temperature:-10 ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature:-20-80 ℃

Life: 10,000 hours + (In intermittent mode)

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