The Backgroud Of Elitech Cold-Chain Temperature Monitoring Solution


Although globalization had made the relative distance between regions of the world much smaller, the reality is that the physical separation of these regions indeed exists. The longer the distance between two regions, the more likely cargo can be damaged during transportation. Especially for perishable cargo, shortening the shipping time or keeping cargo fresh is of the essence. To ensure that cargo does not become damaged or decayed in the shipping process, businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries are increasingly relying on cold chain technology.

Keep Track The Freshness Of food And Other Goods

Cold chain refers to a special supply chain system that ensures the safety of products, food, and biological drug. For some cargo including food raw materials, processed food or semi-finished products, special biological products and drugs, each link in the process of product processing, storage, transportation, distribution, retail and use should be in the specific and necessary low-temperature environment, so as to reduce loss and prevent deterioration.

Every product has a different journey through the supply chain. Take for example a biological drug like a bottle of the vaccine. It must be processed, packaged, stored, transported and then sold. This supply chain may be the responsibility of one company, from end to end, or more likely it will involve several different companies. Regardless of one company or many, they share the same fundamental challenge that they must make sure that the vaccine must be kept at an appropriate and safe temperature at every stage of the chain.

Managing the cold chain is a very specific responsibility and requires specialist skills, knowledge, facilities, vehicles and technology.

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

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