Model Sensor Type Sensor Lifetime Refrigerants Sensivity Level Response Time(S) Sensitivity Rechargeable
WJL-6000 Corona ≥24H All Halogen and HC Refrigerants 7 <5 6g/yr (0.21oz/yr) NO
CLD-100 Corona ≥24H 7 <5 6g/yr (0.21oz/yr) NO
WJL-6000S Corona ≥24H 7 <5 5g/yr (0.11oz/yr) NO
HLD-100+ Corona ≥24H 7 <5 3g/yr (0.11oz/yr) NO
HLD-200 Corona ≥24H 7 <4 3g/yr (0.11oz/yr) NO
LD-100+ Heated Diode ≥500H 3 <3 3g/yr (0.11oz/yr) NO
LD-100 Heated Diode ≥500H 6 <3 3g/yr (0.11oz/yr) NO
LD-200 Heated Diode ≥500H 7 <3 3g/yr (0.11oz/yr) YES
ILD-100 Infrared ≥10yrs All Halogen Refrigerants More sensitive to HFO 3 0.5-1 4g/yr (0.14oz/yr) YES
ILD-200 Infrared ≥10yrs 3 0.5-1 4g/yr (0.14oz/yr) YES
ILD-300 Infrared ≥10yrs 3 0.5-1 4g/yr (0.14oz/yr) YES
IR-200 Infrared & Heated Diode Heated Diode: ≥500H Infrared: ≥10yrs HC Refrigerants (Heated Diode)  All Halogen Refrigerant More sensitive to HFO Infrared: 3 levels Heated Diode:1 levels 0.5-1 Infrared:4g/yr(0.14oz/yr) Heated Diode: 3g/yr(0.11oz/yr) YES


Elitech Refrigerant Leak Detector Comparison Table-Elitech UK

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