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Pannello di controllo elettrico Elitech ECB-1000Plus Cloud Plastic con refrigerazione 3HP, sbrinamento, ventola, luce e uscita allarme, 100-256 V CA, rete WiFi+4G, con sensore di temperatura, sensore sbrinamento evaporatore, ingressi segnale digitale

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Elitech ECB-1000Plus Cloud electric panel cabinet is a plastic shell electric control box with Wifi (2.4GHz), 4G, and 485 interfaces communication mode. It is suitable for temperature control with refrigeration, defrost, fan, light, and alarm output. The compressor relay capacity is 50A/240VAC, can directly drive a single-phase compressor 3HP. With Force defrost ultra-high temperature alarm, ultra-low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, and time display functions. It also has a Fahrenheit Celsius conversion function.

Elitech ECB-1000Plus Cloud electric control panel is suitable for temperature control of commercial and industrial refrigeration, hotels, household freezers, refrigerators, small and medium cold storage, refrigeration devices of 3HP and below.

Advanced function -Night mode
Since the night air temperature is lower than the daytime temperature, an appropriate increase in temperature set-point at night can also achieve the same cooling effect as during the day. After the temperature increases, the working time of the device can be shortened accordingly, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving. cO8=1, ECO mode is enabled. Users can set the parameters to save energy.

Four-way signal input: temperature probe sensor, defrost probe sensor, Muti-function 1, Muti-function 2.
Five-way control output: compressor, defrost, fan, light, alarm.

Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion function.
Possess 485 communication interface, 4G and WiFi networking function.
Adopt an integrated design, equipped with dual LED displays, and 6 navigation keys to ensure that all functions can be clearly displayed.
The shell is made of ABS flame retardant material, which is waterproof and makes the electric control box more stable and reliable.
Password protection, avoid misoperation by personnel.
Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.
High/Low-temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm.
Force defrost function.
Beautiful appearance, simple operation.
Energy night saving mode.


Model: ECB-1000Plus Cloud
Power Supply: 100-256VAC; 50/60HZ
Overall Power Consumption: <12W
Temperature Measurement Range: -49~119℃
Temperature Control Range: -40~99℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±1℃ (-20~50℃); ±1.5℃ (Others)
Resolution: 0.1℃/ 1℉
Relay Capacity (Compressor): 50A/240VAC; 3HP/220VA, 1.5P/110V;
Relay Capacity (Defrost): 30A/220VAC
Relay Capacity (Fan): 16A/220VAC
Relay Capacity (Light): 16A/220VAC
Relay Capacity (Alarm): 10A/220VAC
Product Size: 261*167.5*92 mm
Storage Temperature: -20℃~75℃
Sensor Type: NTC (10KQ/25 °C, B-3435K)
Communication Mode: RS-485 + WiFi(2.4GHz) + 4G

Elitech ECB-1000Plus Cloud Function

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Huseyin Hassan
Love this controller

Hi this control panel is very easy to connect to and very easy to go through the parameters and set it up to our specifications

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