Elitech WJL-6000S Refrigerant Leak Detector Corona Sensor AC Halogen Gas Leaking Detection
Upgrade version of WJL-6000 refrigerant leak detector. WJL-6000S made improvements in many aspects to realize more reliable and quicker detection. It uses newly designed high-precision MIC and ultra-low power consumption circuit design, ensuring much more stable operation and durable batteries. Moreover, its highest sensitivity increased...
£24.99 from £19.99
Rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante Elitech CLD-100 Tester di perdite di refrigerazione alogeno, sniffer di freon, strumenti HVAC, R11, R22, R134a, R404a, R410A, HFC, CFC, HCFC
  Tutto il necessario per il rilevamento professionale delle perdite: il rilevatore di perdite di refrigerante Elitech CLD-100 rileva R11/R22/R134a/R404a/R410a/R500/R124 e tutti i refrigeranti alogenati inclusi CFC, HFC, HCFC e miscele. Il tester alogeno include il rilevatore stesso, una custodia...
Elitech HLD-100+ Halogen Refrigerant Leak Detector HVAC Corona Sensor Freon Gas Tester
Everything you need for quick and reliable refrigerant leakage detection: Elitech HLD-100+ refrigerant leak detector detects R11/R22/R134a/R404a/R410a/R500/R124 and all halogenated refrigerants including CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and blends. The halogen tester includes the detector itself, a spare sensor tip, and an...
£39.99 from £29.99
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