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Elitech ECS-180B Termoregolatore con uscite di controllo a quattro vie per raffreddamento, ventola, sbrinamento e illuminazione/allarme, con sensore sbrinamento evaporatore, sensore condensatore e ingresso interruttore porta

di Elitech
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ECS-180B temperature controller could be used in the middle and low-temperature medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, supermarket split cabinet, air curtain cabinet, island counter, wine cabinet, etc.

Four-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor, condenser probe sensor, evaporator probe sensor, door switch.
Four-way control output: refrigeration, defrosting, fan, lighting/alarm relay.


Model: ECS-180B
Operating Voltage: 220VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Overall Power Consumption: <3W
Temperature Measurement Range: -50℃-90℃ (-58℉-194℉)
Temperature Control Range: -50℃-85℃ (-58℉-185℉)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±1℃(-40℃~50℃ ), ±2℃(51℃~70℃)
Display Resolution: 0.1℃/1℉
Product Size: 78.5×34.5×82(mm)
Mounting Dimension: 71×29 (mm)
Input Sensor: Temperature Sensor, Evaporator Sensor, Condenser Sensor, Door Switch
Rated Current of Output Relay : 5A/250VAC (Cooling, Lighting/Alarm)
Rated Current of Output Relay: 10A/250VAC (Defrosting, Fan)
Front Panel Waterproof Level: IP65


  • The large panel of color digital tube, work status symbol display, the temperature display resolution is 0.1, the front panel waterproof level lP65.
  • lt has a temperature sensor self-test function, and once test the failures, it has multiple protection and alarm methods. lt has the function of one-key recovery, and the rear adopts the plug-in connection method to effectively simplify processing for equipment manufacturers.
  • The temperature measuring unit could switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • With the function of Synchronous defrost switch signal detection, and it could form the network of real-time clock Synchronous defrost.
  • Cabinet temperature over-limit alarm has two modes: absolute value and relative value.
  • Light/external alarm relay could be selected by the software, and then select the function of external alarm relay, it could connect the remote alarm bell.
  • If selected to install a standby power supply access unit, which could realize the function of off-power detection and alarm.
  • With the complete control logic of hot-gas defrost start without the pressure difference in the refrigerant pipe, to prevent starting with the pressure, for the purpose of a longer compressor life.

Elitech ECS-180B Function

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