Elitech ECS-16 Digital Temperature Controller

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Elitech ECS-16 (ECS16) temperature controller is a small, high-precision, easy-to-operate temperature controller thermostat, suitable for temperature control of refrigeration/ heating. The refrigeration relay is a 30A/240V output, which can directly drive a 1.5HP compressor in a single phase. With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature correction, forced defrosting and sensor fault alarm function. One-touch restoration of original setting values for easy re-adjustment of parameters.

The parameter setting of ECS-16 is divided into the user menu and administrator menu. If you are an equipment company, you can set up the administrator menu parameters. The end-user only sets the user parameter menu, which is convenient for users to operate. The administrator menu has a password protection function to prevent users from misusing settings.

The main purpose of ECS-16 is to control the temperature of beverage cabinets. Therefore, we set its wiring port as a quick-connect port to facilitate the production and after-sales of professional equipment manufacturers. It is also suitable for freezer, refrigeration, seafood machines and water heaters.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor.
One-way control output: refrigeration/ heating equipment.

Elitech ECS-16 Function

Model Control Output Signal Input Other
Refrigeration/ Heating (30A) Temperature Sensor Buzzer Over-temperature Alarm



Model ECS-16
Operating Voltage 220VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
Overall Power Consumption <3W
Temperature Measurement Range -50℃~90℃
Temperature Control Range -50℃~85℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃(-40℃~50℃),  Others ±2℃
Display Resolution 1℃
Product Size 78.5×34.5×78.5(mm)
Mounting Dimension 71×29 (mm)
Rated Current of Output Relay (Refrigeration/ Heating) 30A/240VAC


 Elitech One-Way Output Temperature Controller Comparison

Function Model Rated Current of Output Relay Input Others
Temperature Sensor Defrost Sensor Bigger Display Screen
Refrigeration STC-8000H 10A / /
STC-8000HX 10A /
Refrigeration/Heating EK-3010 10A /
ECS-02CX 10A
ECS-961neo 17A /
ECS-16 30A / /
Refrigeration/Heating/Alarm STC-200 10A / /

Elitech ECS-16 Temperature Controller Thermostat User Manual
Elitech ECS-16 Temperature Controller Thermostat CE Certification 

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