Elitech EK-3010 Digital Temperature Controller, One-way Control Output Heating or Cooling Mode, Touch Key With Temperature Probe Sensor

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Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Safe Stable and Reliable-Elitech UK

Elitech EK-3010 is a temperature controller with touch screen buttons. It is suitable for temperature control of refrigeration or heating equipment. Due to its touch buttons, Elitech equipped the EK series with a key lock function to avoid accidental touches that may cause the parameters to change. The touch button adopts high-precision digital capacitance measurement technology, which can avoid various interferences such as water droplets; compared with mechanical buttons, there is no mechanical action, long life, and stable performance.

One-way sensor input: temperature probe sensor.
One-way control output: refrigeration/heating equipment.

Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Function -Elitech UK

With temperature measurement, temperature display, temperature control, temperature calibration, over-temperature alarm and sensor fault alarm function. One-touch restoration of original setting values for easy re-adjustment of parameters.

Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Application -Elitech UK

Elitech EK-3010 temperature controller is suitable for temperature control of cold storage, freezer, operating console refrigeration equipment and heating equipment.

EK-3010 Parameter and Main Function

Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Function and Prameter -Elitech UK

EK-3010 Feature

Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Touch Key - Elitech UK
Elitech E-1000 Thermostat Stable & Reliable-Elitech UK
Elitech E-1000 Thermostat Waterproof and Dustproof-Elitech UK
Touch Keys, Good User Experience*
High precision capacitive touch keys for greater reliability

Stable & Reliable*
Pass EMC test, industrial level four test. Front protection level reaches IP65

Waterproof & Dustproof
One-piece front panel design for greater protection against moisture and dust
Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Buzzer Alarm Output, More Reliable
Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Easy to Use, No Menu
Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Wide Control Range, Wider Application
Buzzer Alarm Output, More Reliable*
Sensor fault alarm and over-temperature alarm
Easy to Use, No Menu*
Single-click to complete the general settings directly, no need to enter the menu
Wide Control Range, Wider Application*
The temperature control range is -40℃~85℃, Can be used for multiple applications

EK-3010 Panel Instruction

Elitech EK-3010 Temperature Controller Panel Instruction -Elitech UK

EK Series Touch Key Temperature Controller Comparison Chart

Model Control Output Sensor Communication Function
Cooling Heating Defrost Fan Light Defrost Sensor
E-1000 10A 10A / / 10A / /
EK-3010 Cooling / Heating (10A) / / / / /
EK-3020 10A / 10A / / / /
EK-3021 10A / 10A / / /
EK-3030 10A / 10A 10A / /
EK-3030E 10A / 10A 10A / 485 interface

Eitech EK Touch Key Series Temperature Controller-Elitech UK

Elitech One-way Control Output Temperature Controller Comparison Chart

Function Model Relay Output  Input Others
Temperature Sensor Defrost Sensor ℃/℉
Refrigeration STC-8000HX 10A / /
ECS-11 30A /
Refrigeration/Heating EK-3010 10A / /
ECS-02CX 10A
ECS-961neo 17A / /
ECS-16 30A / /
Refrigeration/Heating/Alarm STC-200 10A / /

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