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Elitech Inframate C Rilevatore di perdite di anidride carbonica CO2, tester di perdite di refrigerazione R744, rilevatore di gas R-744 per HVACR

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Carbon Dioxide Detection*   CO2-Specific infrared sensor is designed specifically for the detection of R744 (CO2) refrigerant leaks.

Long Sensor Life*    An infrared sensor can work up to 40,000 hours and its sensitivity won't degrade over time.

Large TFT LCD Screen*    Vividly displays leakage value, peak value, sensitivity level, battery power for very easy operation.

Sensitivity Adjustable*    With the highest sensitivity of 6g/year, and easy adjustment to medium (14/yr) and low (28g/yr) levels of sensitivity, the detector can help you quickly pinpoint leakage in various complex working conditions.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery*    Works up to 11 hours continuously on one full charge.

Elitech Inframate C, a CO2 leak detector,  is independently developed by Elitech based on the infrared detection principle.

This new product combines infrared these series feature a sensor that has higher accuracy and a much longer service life.

Also with exclusive ergonomic design and innovated large TFT LCD display screen, the detector optimizes the user experience and presents the detection results more intuitively and diversely.

Carbon Dioxide Detection* The high sensitivity of 6g/y for detection of R744 (CO2) refrigerant leaks

Infrared Sensor* CO2 Specific sensor lasts over 10 years and sensitivity will not degrade over time

Sensitivity Adjustable* High/Medium/Low sensitivity selections to quickly pinpoint leakage in various environments

Large TFT Screen* Displays leakage value, peak value, sensitivity level, battery power vividly, for very easy operation

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries* Works up to 11hrs on one full charge

Backup Parts* An extension probe is included to extend probe distance. Five replacement filters are included for easy maintenance to better protect the sensor

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