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Elitech LMC-310A Bilancia refrigerante wireless HVAC Bilancia di ricarica digitale 330 libbre / 150 kg

di Elitech
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Elitech LMC-310A Wireless HVAC Refrigeration Charging Scale produces accurate readings in a wireless mode, which communicates with all mobile devices. The wireless scales increase job efficiency or comfort, as a tech can stay in their vehicle during the process instead of sitting on the hot roof of a building. This refrigerant scale is designed around a rough platform to provide durability. This is one scale for all refrigerants, easy to use, and versatile.

Key Feature

  • Free Elitech App- Requires compatible mobile device and free iOS or Android app to display readings, used with Smartphone; three display modes: kgs, lbs, and oz. Digital charging scale capacity to 330 pounds (150 kilograms).
  • Heavy Duty- It has the ruggedness needed for the HVACR field with thick aluminum walls to maintain accuracy, and rubber feet and rubber pad to soften the impact of daily use. It's also can be used with all refrigerants.
  • Auto power-off- conserves battery life, battery life for both the scale and remote control are visible at all times, the scale automatically turns to standby mode when the remote is turned off.
  • Backlight- Bright backlight on the remote to read the display in dark environments.
  • Charging valve included- Allows the user to control the exact amount of refrigerant transferring to and from the A/C System and gives alarm and pauses when it reaches programmed values.
  • 1-year warranty. 30 days easy and free return.

Wireless Remote and App Control

  • Wireless communication between the platform and remote control within a 33-foot (8m) wireless range.
  • Elitech offers free ios or android App for refrigerant charging scales
  • With Elitech Scales App, you can view or operate the weight value and measurement directly on your mobile device or monitor the weight from a distance. (Wireless range: 35 ft)

Note: App and remote are not allowed to communicate with the same scale simultaneously!

Safety Notice:

  1. Please use the scale in the specified environment to avoid error or damage to the sensor.
  2. Please do not use chemical solvent or corrosive liquid to clean the scale.
  3. Please do not disassemble the scale body and inner device; otherwise, it may cause the great weighing error.
  4. Please do not pull the spiral line hard in a case the measuring error is enlarged or the sensor damaged
  5. Remove the batteries if the scale is not to be used for a long time in case the leakage corrodes the scale. The batteries included are not rechargeable. Please do not charge them.

Weighing Operation:

  1. Take out the scale from the package and place it on a firm and level surface
  2. Press the "power" button on the hand-held device;
  3. Press"unit" to switch between "Kg", "Oz" and "Lb".
  4. Press"zero" to zero to deduct tare
  5. Place the refrigerant tank in the center of the scale platform; zero it again to display the changing weight of the refrigerant.
  6. Press"HOLD" to lock the current value. It will not change with the weight on the platform.

Other Functions:

  1. Power-on self-test lasts less than 2s.
  2. Tare deduction in full range(LMC-310:100KG(220Lb),LMC-310A:150KG  ) 
  3. The LCD displays numbers from high digit to low digit. The digit that exceeds the digit range will not be displayed
  4. Auto-off: If the weight on the platform does not change for 10 minutes, the scale turns off automatically. When the hand-held device fails in communication with the platform for 2 minutes, the scale turns off automatically.
  5. When the platform is in low battery, the charging valve is disabled to open, Please replace the batteries.


  • Press to light the backlight and it will last for 10s.
  • Press and hold for 3s to keep the backlight on all the time, the buzzer will beep once as an indication.
  • Press again to turn off the backlight.

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