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Elitech METRUM Rilevatore quantitativo di perdite di refrigerante Letture PPM per HVAC/R e Auto AC Service

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  • The 4th Generation
  • PPM Infrared Leak Detector:
  • Series: METRUM
  • Applications: HVAC/R and Auto AC Service

It is on the way:

  • METRUM has a lot of advantages compared with the normal leak detectors.
  • METRUM will be more suitable for industrial refrigeration equipment.
  • It will be a milestone in the history of refrigeration leak detection tools.

Support bluetooth networking function
OTA support
Support mobile APP Elitech Tools, you can view and analyze data at any time
Upload data directly through the device identification code (communicate with the APP)

Features: Leak location can be pinpointed andPPMreadings can also be used to helpquantifyleak.
Sensor Type: NDIR
Monitoring mode: traditional mode + digital mode
Detection of refrigerants: all CFC, HCFC, HFC, HFO and mixtures
Minimum sensitivity: 3 g/year
Display Resolution: 1ppm
Display range: 0-19999PPM
Accuracy (quantitative mode): ±10PPM
Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
Charging type: type-c
Charging time: about 3 hours
Battery life: more than 8 hours
Warm-up time: 90 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Matthieu LEON
A very good piece of equipment

I did try it on system which had a very small leak and it did find it where all other sniffer failed.

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