Elitech MTC-6040 Temperature and Humidity Controller with Cooling, Fan, Humidity/ Lighting/ Alarm Control Output

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Elitech MTC-6040 Temperature and Humidity Controller are widely used in cool cabinets, medicine cabinets, foodstuff freezers, agricultural greenhouses, medicine refrigerators, etc.

Three-way control outputs: compressor, fan, third relay ( 0: no use, 1: light, 2: humidity control, 3: alarm relay)

Elitech MTC-6040 Parameter

Model MTC-6040
Operating Voltage 220-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Temperature Measurement Range -40℃-50℃ 
Temperature Control Range -50℃-50℃ 
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature Display Resolution 0.1℃
Humidity Display Range 0%RH-100%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH (25℃ )
Humidity Display Resolution 1
Rated Current of Output Relay (Compressor) 16A
Rated Current of Output Relay (Fan) 7A
Rated Current of Output Relay (Third Relay) 7A
Front panel waterproof level IP65
Product Dimension 100*51.5*73.5 (mm)


Elitech MTC-6040 Temperature and Humidity Controller User Manual (PDF)

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