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Elitech SVP-9 Pompa per vuoto intelligente a 2 stadi, 9 CFM, 4SL, controllo APP, registrazione dati, controllo intelligente, strumento di servizio aria condizionata frigorifero HVAC

di Elitech
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Intelligent Control* 

The motor and solenoid valve will turn off automatically once the programmed vacuum value is reached. When the pump sensed working temperature is abnormally high due to motor failure or insufficient oil, the pump will automatically close the solenoid valve to protect it from big defects.

System Leakage Judgement* 

Based on sophisticated analysis of vacuum value change and pump working status, the pump will judge system leakage level and display leakage level in the bar for easy reference.

Vacuum Value & Graph Display*   

When the vacuum value drops below 60,000 microns, the real-time vacuum value and graph will show on the 4'' touch screen for quick knowledge.

APP Monitoring*   

The pump can be controlled through APP via Bluetooth connection at a distance of 30ft/10m maximum. Everything about the pump can be easily viewed and controlled via APP.

Estimated Working Hour Needed*   

The pump can estimate the working hours needed to complete the task and display the remaining working time to keep users on top of vacuuming progress.

Data Logging & Report Exporting*   

Each task's vacuum graph can be stored and viewed on APP. Reports can be exported in excel or PDF formats. Besides, you can also save and export screenshots of the working interface in PDF.

Elitech SVP-9 2-stage vacuum pump is an intelligent vacuum pump that can be controlled through APP via Bluetooth connection at a distance of 30ft/10m maximum, the pumping rate is 4 L/S (9 CFM) and the motor power is 1 HP (750 W).

Product Features

  • lntelligent Control of Motor and Solenoid Valve
  • Leakage Level Judgment
  • Vacuum Change in Graph
  • 4" Touch Screen Display
  • Estimated job Completion Time
  • Data Logging and Storage via App

Elitech HVAC Tools SVP-7/SVP-9/SVP-12 Intelligent Vacuum Pump | Cold Storage

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