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Elitech Temperatur-Datenlogger, RC-4 USB-Recorder mit Doppelsensoren, LCD-Display, Summeralarm, 16.000 Messwerte

von Elitech
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Elitech RC-4 USB-LCD-Temperaturdatenlogger/Recorder mit Doppelsensor und großem Messbereich wird hauptsächlich für die Temperaturaufzeichnung während der Lagerung und des See-/Luft-/Autobahntransports von Lebensmitteln, Medikamenten, Chemikalien und anderen Produkten verwendet und ist besonders weit verbreitet in allen Arten von Lagerhaltung, Logistik und Kühlkette, wie z. B. Kühlcontainer, Kühlwagen, Kühlpakete, Kühlhäuser, Labore usw. oder in großen globalen Lieferkettenunternehmen.

Datenverwaltungssoftware und USB-Kabel für die einfache Arbeit mit dem PC im Lieferumfang enthalten.
Direkte Verbindung zum Computer für den Datenaustausch, einfache Bedienung: Bei Anschluss an den Computer liest die Software automatisch Daten und erstellt Berichte.

LCD zur Anzeige von Daten und Einstellungen.
Anzeige von Temperatur, Zeit, Übertemperaturalarm, Temperaturober-/untergrenze, Temperatur Max./Min. Geben Sie den Wert auf dem LCD-Bildschirm ein.

Doppelsensor: Eingebauter Sensor und externer Sensor.

Batterielebensdauer über einem Jahr.
Wird zur Aufzeichnung von Temperaturdaten über einen längeren Zeitraum verwendet.

Elitech RC-4 Temperaturdatenlogger

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William Bulford
Software Install issues on Windows

On a Win 10 laptop software would not run until I ensured that it installed into the Program Files folder. Out of the box it installed into C:\ElitechLogWin when to software would attempt to start but fail. Worked when forced to install into a folder within C:\Program Files. Then it all worked.

Mark Hunter
Very useful

The thermometer is very simple to use with minimal setting up. I used it to help diagnose a boiler fault and the ability to record and display the boiler return temperature solved my problem within the first day. I cannot comment on the calibration as I was more interested in temperature change. The software is simple to use and allows exporting of data for more detailed analysis if required. The only thing to note is that whilst it has two sensors (one internal and one using the probe), only one of these is active at a time.


Werkt uitstekend. De mogelijkheid om een externe temperatuurvoeler aan te sluiten gaf de doorslag in de keuze voor dit product. Alle denkbare instellingen zijn mogelijk (in mijn toepassing). En de prijs ..... Een meer dan uitstekende prijs kwaliteit verhouding


Super simple to setup and use. Can't speak to longevity since I've only had them a few days but wow super simple and just running with the default setting of one reading per 15 minutes logged suits my needs just fine. The SW does it's job but is not super flexible (I would have liked for example an ability to annotate the line charts with notes on key events along the way but alas). All in all, highly recommend if you have a need to simply monitor temperature. I never calibrated mine, checked accuracy against a reference, or even verified repeatability but, the data I'm getting looks plenty reasonable to me so I'm declaring it good enough and supposing that the unit is within the rated spec. My initial use was to monitor temp of my fermentation process for home winemaking (I and NOT recommending dropping the sensor into your must - I did not do that) so for that purpose seems like this'll serve me well for years. I'll probably find lots of uses for these little gems now that I have them (bought two).

,J. A. Holden

The device is inexpensive and does what you'd expect for the price. Everything seems to be accurate and the software, while simple, is useful.

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