Registrador de datos de temperatura Elitech RC-5, registrador de datos de temperatura, USB 2.0, informe gráfico, 32000 puntos con sensor interno

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Este registrador de datos de temperatura USB se utiliza principalmente para el registro de temperatura durante el almacenamiento y el transporte marítimo / aéreo / por carretera de alimentos, medicamentos, productos químicos y otros productos, especialmente utilizado en todo tipo de almacenamiento, logística y cadena de frío, como contenedores refrigerados, refrigerados. camiones paquete refrigerado, almacenamiento en frío, laboratorio, etc. o en negocios de cadena de suministro global de gran tamaño.

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Maurice Graham-Weall
Very useful

The two temperature and humidity data loggers arrived promptly.
While the instructions were not altogether clear (syncing time and date was mentioned, but not how to do it) they do exactly what I want them to and downloading the data is very easy.

Berko Erno
I really like him.

I have been using this type for many years. Outdoors in winter. The previous copy is already worn out, the part of the push button is torn, and the rubber seals are already ruined, and it is also a little rusty here and there. Thus, the part of the push button is repaired with insulating tape, and the entire device is covered with foil to prevent further wetting. Of course it works too. :) I bought a new one just to be safe, so that I have a constantly working copy, because I use it regularly. The attached picture was taken on a cold morning in January 2017 of the older device. Of course, it doesn't look so nice since then, but it still works.

Julia Gough
Good value

Using to monitor temperature of church hall to help with heating control. Some instructions slightly confusing and web address for software seemed out of date, but able to find everything I needed reasonably quickly. Device plugs directly into USB port on PC so no cable necessary. Software worked well on my 10 year old laptop. Easy to use and to download readings to Excel for further analysis if required.

Robert YI
Great temperature logger

We are food industry and we were looking for an easy to install process for temperature tracing, we came across Elitech RC-5 and RC-5+, I can say it is friendly-user. Elitech sales support service was super helpful too. BR

,Lynne Andrson

Perfect. Arrived quickly. They work well to monitor warehouse temperature.

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