• Elitech User Manual | LMC-100A LMC-100F Refrigerant Charging Scale

    Elitech User Manual

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    Thank you for choosing the Elitech electronic refrigerant scale. Please read this manual thoroughly before use, especially the "Warning" section. Keep the manual with the scale for further consultation.  Warning  Please check whether the scale is damaged or abnormal. If any, do not use it. Please do not load an object that weighs over the capacity onto the platform. Please place the scale on...
  • Elitech LMC-100F Refrigerant Scale Calibration Guide

    Elitech LMC-100F Refrigerant Scale Calibration Guide

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    English 1. When the power is off, empty the scale and keep the scale on a level surface; 2. Press the ZT button first, and then press the POWER button, keep pressing; 3. After the screen is turned on, release the POWER button, and keep pressing the Z/T button at the same time; 4. When the screen displays "C 0", release the Z/T button....
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