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5 Reasons Why Elitech Injection Molded Data Logger is better than Other Brands

5 Reasons Why Elitech Injection Molded Data Logger is better than Other Brands

Elitech has invested in R&D to produce high quality and reliable data loggers than most of its competitors.

Ever since its inception, the company has been expanding its portfolio of temperature data loggers. It aims to provide a trusted solution in most dynamic cold chain management processes.

Why Elitech Injection is different, here are 5 most important reasons:

1.Guarantees Superior Waterproof Properties

You will realize that a number of cold chain management processes are associated either with excess moisture or water.

So, any temperature data logger that is not waterproof will definitely fail.

The new Elitech waterproof temperature data logger is a revolutionary technology that features:

Better waterproof properties. Its shell is made of colloid with injection molding technology.

Designed for environment with excess moisture or water, such as: animal temperature monitoring, study of thermoclines in water, temperature measurements in liquids, industrial water treatment applications, etc.

You can actually trust the water proof data logger for all storage and industrial applications.

2.Accurate And Reliable, Hence Used for Temperature Sensitive Applications

You need to know the required accuracy and resolution of a data logger before you purchase it.

But, what makes Elitech injection molded data loggers the most accurate equipment available in the market?

Here are the reasons:
It has an accuracy of ±0.5℃/0.9℉.
The resolution is 0.1℃.
Temperature record interval is 10 sec ~ 24 hr.
Ability to maintain consistency in accuracy/resolution over the entire temperature measurement range

3.They Are Easy to Use And Install, Thus Saving on Time

Unlike other devices, Elitech data loggers are easy to use and install. They come from the factory when all the necessary parameters have already been set.

They are:
Simple to deploy in preferred location
Data logger has an internal NTC sensor.
Easy to access information from the data logger via USB 2.0 interface.
Auto generates AI reports (PDF format)
A single button operation mode
Alarm activates via indicator

Clearly, this basically a plug-and-play equipment that eliminates the hectic process in any cold chain management system.

4.Elitech Waterproof Temperature Data Logger Has the Best Time Saving Feature

This waterproof temperature data logger save times in a wide range of aspects.

These include:
Durable as it can withstand harsh environmental conditions (submerged under water)
Longer recording period even in extremely cold conditions such as in water.
Large memory capacity with a maximum of 32,000 points.
High quality built-in CR2450 wide temperature lithium battery with 2 years life span.

5.Elitech Injection Data Logger is Safe

This injection molded waterproof temperature data logger is safe and can be trusted even for most demanding applications.

It is because:
They conform to EN 12830and IP65 protection grade
Elitech uses food plastic materials
Conforms to FDA safety requirements

In short, Elitech data loggers possess all the desirable qualities for any storage and shipping applications.

Even in the most demanding and adverse applications, they will still guarantee an effective, safe and cost effective solution in cold chain management process.

Any questions ,you can comment below or contact our support team

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