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Stay cozy this winter with Elitech heat pump collection!

Heat Pump transfer heat from a colder area to a hotter area by using machanical energy, as in a refrigerator. Elitech keeps invocating these intelligent tools to make HVACR work easier and more efficient.

Heat Pump Collection

Refrigerant losses not only damage the air conditioning/refrigerator system but also harm our environent. That's why leak detectors are becoming essential tools in every household.

Refrigerant Leak Detector

No limited with refrigerant, can also be widely used in daily life. AC refrigerant scales come with a number of required functions such as peeling, backlight LCD, auto power off, unit switching (KG, LB, oz.)etc.

Refrigerant charging scale

Digital Manifold Gauge

Intelligent Vacuum Pump

Digital Refrigeration Heat Pump Manifold

Article précédent EMG-40V: The first smart digital manifold ota upgrade for HVAC industry tools from Elitech
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