Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Wine Storage

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Wine can be very expensive to buy, especially if it must be aged for best results. Therefore, it is important to maintain quality during storage. The wrong temperature is one of the main causes of wine storage disorders. The temperature is just right to maintain the inherent quality of the wine. Read some important tips for storing wine. Elitech provide the best wireless temperature data logger to achieve perfect temperature monitoring in the wine cellar.

Important tips for successful wine storage

Avoid hot

Wines age prematurely when the warehouse temperature exceeds 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case, all flavors and flavors are balanced. The highest temperature for wine is 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pay attention to refrigerators and freezers

I want to avoid the heat rather than the cold. Wine can be safely stored in a household refrigerator for a few months, but not for long periods. This is because the refrigerator temperature may fall below the recommended range. In cold climates, corks can dry out and air can penetrate and damage the wine. We also don't want to freeze wine bottles because the liquid freezes hard enough to push away the cork.

A constant temperature

Ideally, you should try to keep the optimal temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the bottle will expand and contract at different temperature levels. Therefore, consistency is essential to get the best results.

There is no light!

Do you want a good drink? Next, keep the bottle in a cool place. This is because the sun's ULTRAVIOLET rays affect the characteristics of wine and can age quickly. The average household pear may not be enough to damage the wine, but it will erase the label. If your cellar needs lighting, a light bulb that emits very little ULTRAVIOLET light is ideal.

Stay in the right position

For long-term storage, it is recommended to put the bottle aside. This prevents the wine from drying out in the cork. However, if you want to drink the wine immediately, or seal the bottle with a nut, glass or plastic cork, stand it upright. However, stacking bottles horizontally saves valuable space. Also avoid shaking the bottle, as this can interfere with the gentle aging process.


A dry atmosphere will dry out the cork, fill the air and damage the wine. On the other hand, too much water can cause mold problems, which can damage labels and contaminate bottles. For best results, the relative humidity should ideally be maintained at 50-80%.

Cellar temperature control

Temperature control is important for extending the life of a wine. We also know that it can be difficult to maintain a constant temperature. However, an integrated wireless system can record the current temperature and adjust it in real time.

These innovative wireless sensors are unique in that they can handle a variety of temperature, humidity and pressure conditions. If necessary, you can also access the data from these sensors to learn more about the cellar environment.

The system also integrates analysis tools with the best cloud technology. You can access data from sensors as well as from any device as needed. Do you have many wine cellars? With this integrated wireless system, you can manage multiple locations simultaneously. Check out the latest innovations in temperature control.

Elitech: Wireless Temperature Monitoring System, Ideal for Wine Storage

Elitech is the best wireless temperature monitoring system to keep wine in good condition. You can choose between the basic version and the professional version. Both versions include industrial-quality smart sensors. Each sensor records and manages the temperature, humidity, vibration and light distribution in the wine cellar. Using ProSensor, you will also see an LCD screen containing the measurements for each device. However, the Elitech®IoT interface synchronizes each remote thermometer sensor through a Wi-Fi connection, so manual reading is not required. Therefore, you don't have to monitor every sensor or use an expensive hub to access the data. Easily access your cellar data anytime, anywhere!

Infinite choice of interactive answers

Eritech wireless temperature management system provides a variety of responses that enable wine cellars to recover to optimal conditions regardless of possible temperature conditions. The good news is that these are automatic responders, so you can relax and let Elitech do all the work.

Discover the advantages of the Elitech Temperature Monitoring System

The Elitech temperature monitoring system is designed to protect the privacy of the data collected from the wine cellar. The virtual Guardian feature manages all sensors and their warnings. You can also decide how often or how often these notifications are received and how (application, E-mail, or SMS) they are received. Are you worried about losing your Wi-Fi connection? No problem! The sensor can also work offline.

You can also share data and alerts with other users. You just need to determine who can see the data about the cellar's climatic conditions. However, even if you allow access to the system, you can control the use of the facility data. All Elitech applications are designed to provide comfort and convenience.

Maximum temperature monitoring of the wine cellar

Your wine should be under optimal temperature control. Eritech's systems use the most innovative sensors to maintain optimal temperatures in wine cellars. Get Erytech and enjoy the best year ever!

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