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New product release! Elitech New DC rotary vane vacuum pump

New product release! Elitech New DC rotary vane vacuum pump

  • Product overview

DC rotary vane vacuum pump. The products are used in micro-refrigeration system, air conditioning, automobile air conditioning and other fields.

Main selling points: low noise, high efficiency, easy to use and portable, good quality.

  • Low noise: the product operating noise is lower than 60DB, better than the competing products.
  • High efficiency: the gas extraction speed is 1-3 CFM, automatically adjusted according to the system status
  • Portable: The product weight is 3kg for easy movement.
  • Easy to use: Built-in working model, start working quickly and easily.
  • Good quality: excellent product design, the system automatically detects the legible parts, to remind users to maintain and replace them in time.

  • Main design functions
  • Intelligent model work: Select the model to run the product, complete the work automatically stop and prompt.

1) Custom: 0-1000P

2) Automobile: 1-5P

3) Fridge, air conditioner: 1-5P

4) Small cold storage: 5-100P

5) Medium-sized cold storage: 100-200P

  • Power management: to ensure the maximum protection and use of the battery.

1) Battery health prompt: imitate IOS battery health prompt, and replacement.

2) Power display: display the percentage and running time, low power protection battery.

3) Energy saving and low power consumption: according to the vacuum state, adjust the rotation speed.

  • Vacuum value measurement: visually display the vacuum value of the system

1) Vacuum value,

2) Vacuum curve,

3) Vacuum dynamic progress bar (straight line or circle)

4) The vacuum value and other parameters can be recorded continuously, and the record can be closed

  • Intelligent working mode: to meet the needs of various personalized tasks
  • (1)Normal mode: the motor runs continuously until the manual stop, or the protection stops
  • (2)Target mode: the target can be vacuum value, Beijing time, timing, power, etc.
  • (3)Hold mode: maintain the vacuum value of the pumped system within a certain range, and the vacuum value can be set
  • (4)Timing mode: set a working time, the countdown begins after starting, and the timing ends to stop working.
  • (5)Timing task: Beijing time start and stop, cycle cycle: single time, day, week, month

  • Intelligent equipment management: timely control of product status and timely protection of faults found
  • Message management: working status notification, task status notification, and parameter satisfaction notification. Alarm management: fault prompt, maintenance prompt, maintenance prompt, battery prompt
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