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The Benefits of Wireless Temperature Monitoring

A variety of industries require temperature monitoring systems in order to ensure high quality products, demonstrate compliance with the us 21 CFR Part 11 and meet the UK MRHA regulations.

In recent years, with regulatory expectations, the technology has developed, creating a need for wireless temperature monitoring solutions in the industry. These industries are:

The food and beverage industry is expected to maintain certain temperature levels during the manufacture, processing, packaging, transportation and storage of food ingredients and products.

Water companies must monitor the water quality to ensure that it is not affected by fluctuations. These fluctuations promote bacteria in the common system and affect oxygen in the environment.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries must monitor equipment, tools and medical products, such as autoclaves and vaccinations.

The storage company must maintain a constant temperature and humidity to avoid moisture and mold.

Elitech's wireless temperature monitoring system consists of customized temperature data loggers with unlimited capabilities. Send and collect accurate real-time data and extend it to allow global connections across multiple locations. The wireless temperature and humidity data logger can record parameters from temperature to humidity and is accompanied by various documents, including GxP documentation, data logging software with 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility certification, and accuracy verified by the calibration certificate.

The advantages of Elitech's wireless temperature monitoring solution include:

Save time with globally accessible data

With Elitech's wireless temperature monitoring system, customers can access data from anywhere through a cloud-based security control panel. All internet-enabled devices, from PCS to smartphones, have access to the data, so customers can manage a refrigerator for all the devices in the storage facilities and transmission network used during the life cycle of the temperature-sensitive product.

24-hour temperature and humidity monitoring through alert notifications

Our wireless temperature monitoring solution includes a wireless temperature alarm system that generates intelligent alarm notifications when parameters are violated. This means that customers no longer need to manually monitor them, more precisely increase temperature control and increase response time. Customers can define multiple thresholds for each sensor. When triggered, a series of detailed SMS or email alerts are sent in addition to audiovisual alerts. You can display this data in a report that is ready for inspection.

Use PDF reports to improve productivity and analysis

Verifiable software and PDF reports display data in an easy-to-analyze format. When you no longer need manual inspections, you will know more about your productivity and product security. The PDF report is automatically generated and distributed to authorized personnel, including key statistics, alerts, and user comments, to simplify regulatory reviews.

Corporate compliance

These and many other industries are subject to regulatory requirements. Elitech's wireless temperature and humidity monitoring solution has been field verified by FDS/IQ/OQ/PQ and comes with XP documentation, calibration certificates, etc., and is traceable to national standards.

With our wireless temperature monitoring solution, we can save time, increase productivity and improve accuracy. Make a general request to talk to an expert who can recommend a customized temperature monitoring solution that meets your needs.

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