Temtop P10 Luftqualit?tsmonitor PM2.5 AQI-Messger?t Echtzeitanzeige Akku

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Der neue 2-IN-1-Luftqualit?tsmonitor f��r PM2.5 und AQI kann nur eingeatmet und absorbiert werden, da er aufgrund seiner geringen Gr??e als der gef?hrlichste Schadstoff f��r die menschliche Gesundheit gilt.

Der Laserpartikelsensor der 3. Generation von Temtop in Kombination mit einem einzigartigen Algorithmus zur Optimierung des Partikelschwarms macht die Partikelmessung genauer und stabiler.

Der vollst?ndige VA-LCD-Bildschirm und die dreifarbige Anzeige liefern klare Messwerte f��r Partikelschadstoffe und deren relativen AQI-Wert.

Multifunktionstaste: Ein Klick zum Umschalten der Benutzeroberfl?che, Doppelklick zum automatischen Loop, langes Dr��cken zum Ein- und Ausschalten.

Eingebauter 2200mAh Lithiumakku, der bis zu 6 Stunden nach dem vollst?ndigen Ladevorgang l?uft.

Luft ist unsichtbar und es ist schwer festzustellen, ob unsere Luftqualit?t gesund ist oder nicht. Mit dem Temtop P10 sind Sie jedoch mit einem der genauesten und kleinsten Luftqualit?tsmonitore der Welt ausgestattet, sodass Sie Ihre Luftqualit?t auch unterwegs ��berwachen k?nnen. Es erfasst Partikel PM2.5 in Echtzeit.


Gewicht: 0,44 LB?

Abmessungen: 81 * 81 * 30 mm

Batteriekapazit?t: 2200 mAh

Akkulaufzeit: 6 Stunden

Eingangsspannung: DC5V

Messbereich (PM2,5): 0 ~ 999 ug / m3

Aufl?sung (PM2,5): ug / m3

Lebensdauer des PM2.5-Sensors: 3 Jahre

Eingangsstrom: 0,5-1A

Customer Reviews

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,Jamie Polzin

We have had a lot of smoke due to the wildfires, this M10 unit is perfect to keep track of our interior air quality. The unit's outside PM2.5 measurements agree closely with air-quality data from the local Air Quality Management District, leading me to believe it is reasonably accurate. Inside the measurements are considerably less, especially in a closed room using a HEPA air purifier, which reinforces this impression. Outside formaldehyde HCHO measures 0.01 mg/m3 at the bottom limit of its sensitivity, while inside near some particle-board it zooms up to > 0.1, over 10 times higher. This also seems reasonable. All in all this is an excellent air-quality monitor and a bargain at its price.


The Temtop devices are all very sensitive and do a great job detecting exactly when particles, smoke, or smells enter a room. I was able to monitor and prove my neighbor was smoking down to the exact minute each day. I am not 100% sure of the accuracy of the levels, but changes in air quality will be easy to track and help find sources of problems. I had no issues with connecting it to WiFi and using the App. I am on Android.

,Axel Blickle

Very pleasantly surprised by this little gadget. Very easy to use, easy to read and it seems accurate (how do you really know?). When testing it outdoors it showed similar results as published air quality for my location. It responds quickly to changes in air quality (blow out a candle and it goes crazy!) and with the built in battery it is easy to move around your house to check each room. Battery seems to last about the 6 hours advertised, just be aware that the battery strength bars disappear more quickly as it gets empty. The display is very bright, and it would actually be nice if it had a dimmer for use in a bedroom at night. The red / yellow / green indicator is helpful, although you have to look closely to see the difference between yellow and green.

All in all, a nice and affordable air quality monitor. Glad I did not spend more money , this does the trick!


This monitor is very accurate and easy to use. We purchased some cheaper temperature and humidity monitoring gauges for a reptile habitat and they were not calibrated properly and did register properly over their range. Excellent value.

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